One frost does not make a winter….

We have had very mild weather in the UK,  temperature wise, despite all the bluster and buckets of rain. So it was rather refreshing to have a beautifully frosted morning yesterday, especially as I had an old friend visiting from Melbourne. We walked around Blenheim and the years of separation slipped away. We met in 1987 while working in Mildura, Victoria for six months, and again once about 10 years ago when we stayed with him in Melbourne.

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Quiet Here Too!

One of those days.

Yesterday it was 16C at about this time, this morning (7 am) it was -17C (-28C with the wind chill), colder than Fargo  in springtime and a record low for us.


The North wind blew all our water away during the overnight freeze so we now have ice  mushrooms on the pilings.

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Results of the Poetry Competition

Sorry for the delay but here are the eagerly awaited (by Janus anyway), and hastily composed results of the February/March Poetry Competition.

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A wave from The Bay

Shannon Kahn and Berni Freeman wishing all a happy 2013

And a Happy New Year from me too.

This delightful picture by Mike Holmes wishing readers a Happy New Year graces the front page of my daily read today, taken at Hobie Beach right in the heart of the Port Elizabeth promenade.

I thought it too good not to share.

Stained Glass

It was sunny yesterday, but I spent most of it inside, making the beginnings of a stained glass panel, using the appliqué technique. This entails cutting and sticking glass to a clear piece of glass and then grouting it, much like the grouting on a mosaic, rather that edging with lead.

I arrived with a rough sketch and then made the sketch into the working diagram…

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Driving in France

We rarely argue, but one thing that can set us off is driving. I get travel sick and can’t navigate from a map when moving. He’s not a good passenger. The invention of the Sat Nag has, to a certain degree, helped – but when we picked up the hire car at Nice airport I drove, as the Sat Nag refused to work.

So there I was, driving on the wrong side of the road, my feet operating the pedals (which are of course in the same order as they are at home) while my arms were trying to remember that the gear stick is on the right, the opposite side to what I am used to, whilst trying not to make my darling husband too nervous as he issued directions to me, often three times, with increasing volume, sometimes confusing his left and right. You can imagine, therefore that, after an early start (5 am) and little food Continue reading “Driving in France”

What’s the weather like? Photo competition 29

I have been away, in the sun. How wonderful. But back in the UK last night I’m had to put on long trousers, a jumper and my socks plus slippers, while I browsed the holiday photos.
It was actually dry as we landed at Heathrow yesterday afternoon, but we’d only been home half an hour when the drizzle started. Then the drizzle turned heavier and the possibility of cutting the rather lush grass turned into an impossibility.

Hey ho.

We stayed in the mountains up behind Nice, high up, in a small village. It was so beautiful. This was the view, on the first morning, which was a little cloudy. After the second day the clouds cleared.

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Waiting for Summer

Well, what a frustrating few days… with no access to WordPress! Thank you to everyone who emailed suggestions to me, and in particular to Tilly who posted about the problem and through this found an email address to try. What ever action it was that solved the problem, it now seems I am back.

Here’s Pippi under the wheelbarrow after the man with the noisy machine had gone. The grass looks awful as it has just been scarified! Continue reading “Waiting for Summer”