UK decision on EU

As a consequence from the political debates on current affairs including this Blog Site and others, including Information in public media and TV, one should try and draw its own conclusions, when it comes to a very long-lasting decision one is being asked for to give a vote on.

Most people do not run a proper evaluation process and try to digest what is being presented to them but in the end rely and decide on their emotions. This is very positive in many ways, because at least this excludes manipulations, which are perhaps unwanted and detrimental. The catch 22 is, that we all only know all consequences of political decisions after it has been made and as most of the collateral damage and all kind of injustices are inflicted more onto civilians (loss of life, loss of hope, loss of homes, …) than onto the political elite.

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Thank you R.I.P

As a consequence from the horrible events last Friday, as we all know France has officially declared war on ISIS.

As a humanist and a German born and bred, I refer to the article one of the German law, which states that the dignity of man is inviolable, and therefore I find any military intervention, which puts a huge threat on innocent human beings quite hard to digest. Nevertheless in the hearts of my heart (forgetting about morality for a moment), it seems correct to me and I would openly say to Mr Hollande (including the political elite he is negotiating with): Please with the help and necessary agreement of any other nation do everything to wipe all Islamic terrorists of the face of this earth, no matter what it costs and how much effort it takes. I am by now a firm advocate of this war, the option to carry on as we are is no longer viable and it is the ultimate only way to prevent further human disaster.

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