Results of May 2015 Photography Competition

Not many entries but thank you to James Leck, Janus and Christopher for your varied and excellent photographs.

I liked them all, the Danish coast, converted car-ports and Belfast but I think the winner is Mr Leck for his excellent photograph of Brittany Shadows, but I admit I do love boats.

Now if James would please just judge the poetry competition he can then set the next photography challenge.

Over to you, Lecky!

Christmas cracker jokes

Was somebody recently looking for new material for their homemade Christmas crackers? This from my daily read –

British comedy TV channel Gold asked a group of comedians to come up with their own Christmas jokes after a poll revealed 72% of the population thought cracker jokes were outdated.

Of the new jokes, 2 000 adults voted Richard Woolford’s gag about Miley their favourite.

Here are the top 10 new Christmas cracker jokes:

1. What does Miley Cyrus have at Christmas? Twerky. Continue reading “Christmas cracker jokes”

Washing up

This has nothing whatsoever to do with cricket, no, if I was thinking of writing on the 3rd test in Perth, titles such as “Washed up” or “Beached” would be more appropriate.

As I helped out with the chores earlier today, a thought crossed my mind, when it comes to washing up I’m very much of the chuck ’em all in and I’ll clean ’em as they surface! (Or if they remain stubbornly submerged, as I get to ’em.)

Now Mrs S, has the lot on one side and washes them in order, I’m sure that there’s a logical system of some sorts but I never hang around to find out!

So, my question to colleagues is. Are you like me, chuck the lot together and clean each item haphazardly or do you have a system?

Nelson Mandela Bay 7’s – 2013

My programme

What a day! What a weekend! What an event! What a crowd! What an atmosphere!

On an emotionally charged weekend, how fitting was it for the very first International sporting event to be held on South African soil after the death of Nelson Mandela to be held in the stadium that bears his name?

16 teams, 45 games, an extravaganza of rugby if ever there was one!

It’s fair to say that we probably spent more time in the bar / lounge during the day on Saturday then in the stand (except of course when the Blitzbokke were playing) it is after all a day of preliminary group stages where the minnows get the chance to play against the big guns but today (Sunday) was the main event, and what an event it was.

The beauty of this format is that it splits into 4 competitions during the course of the final day (Shield, Bowl, Plate and Cup) with all teams having a chance of gaining a medal and silverware as late as the mid-afternoon!

We got the dream final we wanted. The Blitzbokke cruised through their quarter and semi finals as did the All (cough) (splutter) Blacks.

I’ve written elsewhere that I thought that the Ref had a couple of ‘Mandela moments’ during the final but who cares? Final score Blitzbokke 17 – AB’s 14 (3 tries to 2)

A win, a glorious end to a brilliant weekend Continue reading “Nelson Mandela Bay 7’s – 2013”

Christmas in Sept.

Would you believe that on the very day that TR spotted his first Christmas tree of 2013 sparkling away in the top floor window of a local high-rise that I received a Christmas present from 2012!

Let me explain …

As I’ve mentioned previously on these pages I’d never win an audition for one of Snow White’s 7 dwarfs, (I would however make an excellent Prince Charming, but that of course is just my opinion)

No, I’m much too tall for that and happily leave those roles to shall we say the vertically challenged. Continue reading “Christmas in Sept.”