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Mildly amusing… For some.

April 22, 2017 6 comments
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Reflektioner om Sverige.

April 17, 2017 14 comments

Sweden has always been a country dear to me. Read more…

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Scottish Roe

April 15, 2017 3 comments

Watching the Caviar Queen squirm and squeal is a sight that warms the cockles – from a distance. Read more…

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Flying the Friendly Skies

April 11, 2017 13 comments

My fellow Charioteers will already know that I am hardly the world’s largest fan of the USA. That I am hardly enamoured with the idea of going on holiday in the USA will, thus, surprise no one. That’s not to say that the USA is without its merits and charms. It has both, at times in abundance. In my experience Planet ‘Murca’s native aggro simply outweighs the good. Read more…

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Germany and Europe

Metternich once quipped “Italy is a geographical expression”. Replace “Italy” with “Germany” and that quote would be equally applicable. Germany is a geographical expression. In 1805 there were over 300 political entities in German-speaking Europe. After Napoleon, these myriad polities were reorganised into 38 Germanic states in a loose, Austrian-led confederation. Eventually, Prussia grew increasingly powerful as Austria was forced to focus on the ever-growing number of problems in its formal empire. Bit-by-bit, Prussia expanded its territories. In 1871, a Prussian-led federal German empire was formed comprising 26 states. Read more…

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We’re in a bad way. With the UK leaving the bastion of stability and economic growth, Read more…

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To know my deed, ’twere best not know myself.

March 29, 2017 41 comments

The deed’s been done. At 12:30 BST, Sir Tim Barrow personally delivered the Prime Minister’s letter invoking Article 50 to Donald Tusk. Nine months have come and gone since Britain voted to disentangle itself from the increasingly moribund EU project. There is no going back, there is no stopping Brexit. Read more…

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Coal Dust and Rust

March 27, 2017 7 comments

This year in politics threatens to be eventful. The British Government is set to trigger Article 50 on the 29th of March. The Netherlands had its parliamentary election in which the new political landscape of one of Europe’s most stable countries has been laid bare. Read more…

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London Pride

March 22, 2017 31 comments

London is not easily bowed. A calm, quiet order prevails.

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An hairicín agus an gála

March 21, 2017 20 comments

Martin McGuinness is dead. Read more…

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