Charlie boy, you’ve got it wrong

You have invited your ill-mannered, spoilt, ignorant, brain-dead younger son and his ‘B’ grade actress wife and yet you have the temerity to snub your ex-sister-in-law by omitting her from the guest list.

You are not half the man that your mother was; you are a disgrace, Sir!

Coronation? You should abdicate immediately before you are abolished and sent to join Harry in The Tower.

O tempora, O mores . . .

All things must change . . .

I have never been a Monarchist at heart, but for many years I’ve been of the opinion that Elizabeth II has performed admirably in her duties with only the occasional minor slip – such as (initially) refusing to lower the flags to half-mast when Diana died. I have agreed with the many people, here in Straya and the UK, who suggest that the system needs to be changed, but not until she has completed her innings.

She has been firm in her intention to continue her reign until she can no longer discharge her responsibilities to the standard she would like.

Sorry Ma’am, but that point was reached a year ago when dear old Phil the Greek handed in his dinner pail. Without his behind-the-scenes support and with increasing frailty (age comes to us all), Liz has slipped further and further away from the front line. She has not dealt effectively with Harry and the Monarchy has suffered as a result. She has not given Charles a regency and retired to enjoy her remaining years with her horses; she has not dealt effectively with Andrew and refuses to withdraw his title – thus alienating a large proportion of her subjects, people without whose support there is no Monarchy.

Retire, hand on the Crown and then take it easy – now! Otherwise the whole shebang will drift into irrelevance. Charles and Camilla may not be up to the job, but they’ll try and perhaps William and Kate will help.

The country will still respect you if you give up gracefully, but if you don’t you’ll be voting for a Republic of some form or another. It won’t be any better, but its arrival will be inexorable. Please call it a day.

Lizzie has gone ga-ga

Time for her to be sectioned

A knighthood for Tony Blair?

How absolutely stupid, devoid of all reason and contemptuous of millions of normal working people. Blair is a criminal – he should be in prison doing hard labour, for life.

I thought Lizzie was better than this, but sadly I’m wrong.

Scrap the monarchy, resume their spoils and demolish the whole corrupt system of privilege for the ultra rich, entitled wankers.


The Ashes 2021/2

At long last . . .

Tomorrow at 10:00 am (midnight today GMT and Zulu) the first Ashes Test will begin at The Gabba in Brissy, just down the track from Boadicea and me. Weather permitting. We’re in one of our rainy years (La Niña), so getting rained off is quite a possibility. Fingers crossed – “she’ll be right!”

As you all will probably remember, I lost interest in Aussie cricket after Sandpapergate. Players, Management and all the hangers-on. I have followed a few games recently – WCT20 was, I have to admit, quite fun – but not to any depth. But time has passed and it is the Ashes after all, so I guess I’ll be watching every ball, as usual.

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. . . a few of my favourite things . . .

It’s a funny old world, innit?

  • Ash Barty. Just as Sam Stosur starts getting to be just a bit past it, along comes young Ash. What a girl! Will she take out Wimbledon? I’ll keep my fingers (and toes) crossed.
  • Nick Kyrgios and Venus Williams, did you watch their last match? Tennis at its very best, with Nick clearly in awe of playing with such a goddess of the sport. Shame he’s now had to withdraw after injuring himself.
  • Covid – we’ve kept our infections and deaths down pretty well, but our vaccine roll-out has been pathetically slow compared with many other countries. Logistics, all is logistics – our pollies hadn’t even heard of the word until a couple of minutes ago!
  • China. Has reverted to the 1800s, has gone utterly doolally, has a lot to answer for, and is stupefyingly dangerous. Handle with great care until they recover.

That’ll do for now. 😎

The World is too much with us . . .


I am aghast at the global shenanigans caused by one mediocre Mercan actress and her juvenile, brain dead poodle of a husband. The sooner Liz and Phil remove their titles and banish them fully from The Firm, the better. They have turned the UK’s Constitutional Monarchy into a third-rate soap opera and anyone who says so is culture cancelled by the woke brigade – poor old Piers Morgan, for example.

And another thing –

Cressida Dick, who until now I regarded as the best Metropolitan Commissioner of Police since Sir Robert Peel, has screwed up right royally by allowing her officers to act as though they were aspiring to be American thugs (so-called Police) by beating up and arresting many defenceless women on Clapham Common (a place I know well, but that’s quite another story) who were there in memory of a local girl who was recently murdered by a Metropolitan Police thug who had been serving in the Diplomatic Protection squad – that means armed – until his mates finally threw him in the clink.

They should have been supporting the lasses rather than wrestling them to the ground and handcuffing them.

O tempora, o mores!

That’s quite enough!

Rhybudd Pwysig – महत्वपूर्ण सूचना – Avis important – Wichtiger Hinweis

The Chariot has been happily trundling along for many years, and within its own limited objectives has been reasonably successful. We’ve lost a few Charioteers to time’s fell hand, all of whom are greatly missed, and the odd one or two miscreants have been forcibly removed, to the relief of all.

It would appear that some of the Chariot’s guidelines have become dimmed in our collective minds of late, so for a refresher, why not read the paragraphs on the About page covering Moderation and Authors? It won’t take long, the link is just up there on the right.

And then, perhaps, have a squiz at FAQs -> Who can do what? -> Authors which adds some explanatory details for the forgetful.

In summary,

  • each Charioteer owns his/her own posts and all the comments therein
  • asserting that an idea or concept or fact is stupid, illogical or fallacious is fine
  • asserting that a Charioteer is stupid . . . is definitely not acceptable

Have a nice day now, y’all. 😎

We’ve done it again!

The Maroons (“Marones”) have won this year’s State of Origin (two games to one).   Of course they have!

There is no truth to the rumour that Anna threatened to have the entire team shot if they lost, but I can assure you that Gladys threw an almighty tanty after the final whistle.  😎

Pala-shay and Berry-jick-lian, respectively.

Vale Jane

I see that the Janus account and all associated posts and comments have now been removed, after several weeks (months?) of inactivity. I can only assume that our colleague has sadly joined the growing number of Charioteers who have abandoned this mortal coil to blog forever in Elysium.

Although at times a contentious contributor, Janus was an essential part of the fundamental essence of the Chariot. He will be sorely missed – in particular his scholarly knowledge of Latin and Greek.

If my assumption is incorrect, my apologies to my friend and his family.