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Status Update

May 24, 2017 14 comments

The Chariot has now moved past a bit miffed, and is approaching really rather pissed off.

As a result, our security status has been raised to keep a weather eye open; chariots have been refitted with military-grade scythes, and the censor has been released from protective custody.   Any post or comment which offers – however subtly – support for the cult of murderous medieval misfits will be immediately dematerialised.

No adverse postings are anticipated, but better safe than sorry.

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26 – 16 The Maroons have done it again!

June 22, 2016 12 comments

For JM and OZ – a big Queensland smiley – Origin 2 and the series!

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A view from Down-Under

June 22, 2016 7 comments

OK, in common with several other Charioteers, I no longer have a vote in the UK – my citizenship counts for naught, except taxes.

And agreed, I am a long way away from the action – but I have read extensively on the subject and Boadicea remains close to the debate, as one would expect from a Doctor of Economic History from the LSE.

I have been impressed by the standard of debate on the Chariot, which has been streets ahead of the scare tactics and downright lies promulgated by many senior UK functionaries who really should know better.

But –

There is a limit to the applicability and validity of too much analysis – one can easily lose sight of the big picture by searching too assiduously for the devils in the detail.

So here is the summary of my conclusions –

Everyone should vote to leave the EU, because a vote to remain betrays the individual as either corrupt (cherchez l’argent) or terminally stupid.

I’ll get my hat.

Far too young to go

April 21, 2016 5 comments

Sad to read of the departure of Victoria Wood.

A brilliantly talented woman, with faint echoes of Joyce Grenfell and a dash of Pam Ayres creeping in there somewhere.

RIP ducks – the world will miss you.

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Pragmatic Modern Politics

February 18, 2016 11 comments

The Chariot seems recently to have become obsessed with the politics of failure.   The UK, the EUSSR, the slimmed-down USSR and the USA (which should be discreetly sectioned for its own safety) are all failing or already failed, yet they are an almost inevitable topic of debate on these pages.   Thanks for some cuddly canine relief, Araminta.

Now I realise that many of you have been blinkered by your local media, but please broaden your horizons a smidgen.   The only region of the globe that is currently a rapidly growing economic powerhouse is the Asia-Pacific.   China may be taking a slight breather right now, but it’s a big bugger and getting bigger and better all the time.   Have you looked at India recently?   Getting ready to overtake China in most KPIs India is – goodness gracious me!

Indonesia has begun to drag itself up by its bootstraps, and as a result is on the verge of joining the big-boy’s club.   Many smaller nations in the region are also doing their best to achieve economic take-off while they watch, possibly with a sprinkling of schadenfreude, the old failures in the West bickering about nothing and doing less.

Where stands Australia in all this?

Very comfortably, thank you.  We survived the GFC better than any other nation, we have a wealth of goods and services for sale (at sensible prices) and we’ve lately developed the knack of being the guy who sets up and brings to fruition several very large, very popular trade agreements.

We don’t try to bully other nations – we can’t, they’re bigger than us – we’ve stopped lecturing them about how they should become more Western and are making it clear that we now see ourselves as Asian-Pacific folks.

We have a foreign minister with the ability to take the UN by the scruff of the neck and make it do things in days rather than years.   And she does it with a smile that has even elected dictators wriggling with delight.   Julie Bishop, for the temporarily bewildered.   I shan’t post a piccie lest you guys have instant conniptions.

OK, Austrayia has its problems, we’re not perfect.   But we’re not far off, and we look forwards, not back.   Have a squiz at some Aussie media and see for yourselves.

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Le mot juste? Possibly not!

November 29, 2015 38 comments

I am well aware that our troop of Charioteers have many languages between them, some with great fluency.   I am, in comparison, a mere amateur in this game, but I love to dabble and, on occasion, play the pedant.

As an aside, before I get really stuck in, how’s your Indonesian?   Mine is very limited, but I was recently reminded that if an English-speaking person says “I am sorry”, it sounds almost exactly the same as an Indonesian-speaker saying “Ayam sore”.   Which can lead to all sorts of amusing outcomes, because – as I’m sure most of you know – it means “Chicken afternoon”.  Almost, but not quite, Chicken Tonight – remember that? Read more…

The Chariot for Dummies

November 16, 2015 18 comments

A short crib sheet for students who have only recently joined, or who haven’t been paying attention.
Read more…

A gentle comment from Tim Minchin

October 16, 2015 1 comment


You don’t know who Tim Minchin is?  Strewth, where have you been hiding?

He’s an Aussie comedian-pianist – a sort of Flanders and Swann rolled into one with Tom Lehrer.   Born in the UK of Aussie parents, but raised in Perth WA, he’s a stalwart ginge (aka ginger or redhead).

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Better late than never . . .

October 14, 2015 17 comments

Boadicea and Camel

A good few months ago, Boadicea mentioned that she had taken a visiting friend to see Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) and promised to post a picture of herself mounted on a camel, of which we have over a million in The Red Centre.

Of course she never got around to it.

So, thanks to Win 10 and our Homegroup, I have sneakily accessed her files across the network and published this memorable snap for the edification of fellow Charioteers.

Yes, the camel is ‘aving a larf.   They do, when the mood takes them.

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Willkommen in der Chariot

September 18, 2015 1 comment

Nice to meet you, Frau ohne Eigenschaften.

Your chosen alias, for some obscure reason, puts me in mind of La belle dame sans merci – by Kelly or Sheets, or one of that ilk, but no matter, it’s good to have you here.   Please let me know if you would like to have author privileges and I’ll do the necessary.

By the way, pigeon doesn’t have a “d”;  it used to, but not for many years now.

Have fun !!

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