What’s the weather like? Photo competition 29

I have been away, in the sun. How wonderful. But back in the UK last night I’m had to put on long trousers, a jumper and my socks plus slippers, while I browsed the holiday photos.
It was actually dry as we landed at Heathrow yesterday afternoon, but we’d only been home half an hour when the drizzle started. Then the drizzle turned heavier and the possibility of cutting the rather lush grass turned into an impossibility.

Hey ho.

We stayed in the mountains up behind Nice, high up, in a small village. It was so beautiful. This was the view, on the first morning, which was a little cloudy. After the second day the clouds cleared.

Lots of walks and exploring.

plenty of flora and fauna

and beach time

Good reading time

and fine family time.

Pretty good. Now back to reality and setting the next photo competition. :)

Borrowing from Soutie –

1) I’d like to see pictures taken this year (2012)

2) Members may enter as many times as they like, all will be considered.

And the subject?


The deadline?

1st August by mid-night, UK time. Happy snapping!

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

27 thoughts on “What’s the weather like? Photo competition 29”

  1. The first two of the summer invaders arrive at The Cave on Sunday for their holidays. I shall be seeking relief in and inspiration for this new comp.


    p.s. As Billy Connolly once said, “If I had a hat like that, I wouldna’ wear it.” 🙂

  2. Glad you had a good holiday, Pseu. If it’s any comfort, we had plenty of torrential rain last week on our way here (Bratislava) in Amsterdam, Germany and the Czech Republic. This morning it’s raining again, so it’s not just poor old Britain that’s suffering.

  3. It sounds as though you had a very pleasant break, Nym.

    Welcome back to water-logged Britain.

    I dare say I can find some weather to photograph! 😉

  4. Thought you must have been away. Looks a lovely place.
    Now, the burning question is, how long did it take to get through Heathrow border control?
    According to the papers it should have been a good couple of hours!
    Any chance of some more pictures of the landscape?
    Knowing you all, did you catch your bicycle race?

    The weather here turned to summer July 3rd, been blazing sun and 78-81 ever since. Could do with some rain!

  5. OZ: it wouldn’t suit you. no space for your ears.

    I’m not a hat person, but Cyclomaniac hired a convertible and I had to have something to shade my face from the sun’s glare.

    Just back from Prize Giving. The field was water logged and I ave mud splatters up to my knees.

  6. Christina, more photos to follow. The Tour didn’t come by, and Cyclo ackershally left his bike at home!

    Terminal 5 border control wasn’t too bad: through quite quickly.

  7. Pseu, how amazing, NO bicycle! bugger!!!!
    Interesting about Heathrow after all the hoohaa in the papers. Lets hope only the olympic big wigs get caught up in the queues.

    Chris, I gather from the TV weather that the SW has been having it pretty badly, what with the heat and the fires. Wouldn’t live there for all the tea in China! Here was horrible until the 3rd July, cold , wet, gloomy. and then changed overnight. Seen it do that before. Of course not before it had ruined the bloody roses!!

    On the subject of plants, your little mauve daisy thing above pseu. I stole, no, let us say liberated some seeds of a virtually identical plant from the Lt. General of BC’s garden. (Nothing like stealing from the Canadians!) They did rather well and I have a patch of them in the front garden, no idea what they are, never bothered to find out. Enough that they were good nickage. You don’t happen to know what they are?

    Re prizegiving, never bothered to turn up for my own or the boy’s. The boy couldn’t be bothered either. Refused to attend for his own degree, they just sent it in the post! Perhaps such dislikes are hereditary, hate hoohaa and crowds and faux claptrap. The piece of paper is all that counts at least whilst one is job hunting. Had a huge bonfire in Wales many decades ago and burnt the lot.

  8. (Christina, he did borrow one for one day, but a mountain bike, not a road bike!
    We went in and out of terminal 5, which was pretty good overall.)

    No idea what the little blue flower is, but there were a lot there…. I was amazed actually as I haven’t been to this area so early in the year, and there were many scabious, perennial sweet peas, clovers etc etc in flower, plus smoke bushes and various other plants we pay good money for here, all growing wild.

    The prize giving was fun…. meeting other parents and friends.

  9. I only felt obliged to turn up to prize giving if my two had actually won one. I think I only missed one, so they obviously regarded it as a bit of a challenge.

  10. Interesting flora pseu, a lot of them grow wild here too. We always have this hot dry 6-8 week period which alters the flora from the UK, but apart from that very similar the rest of the year to Wales! ie wet, wetter, wettest! and not too cold for too long. Will await pics!

  11. I assume Baodicea is away… as photos 29 is still to be confirmed on the front page?

  12. If da judge likes blue skies,, how about 8th March 2012 and Fumada sunning herself on top of the world’s largest scratching post..

  13. noted with thanks: but no other comment as the judge has to remain neutral, you know. 🙂

  14. I travel this intersection everyday, although I didn’t last weekend because the manhole covering the storm water drain had been forced off. It always does, has been doing so for as long as I can remember and no doubt will continue to do so.

    The road is impassable during and immediately after good rains (I took this picture Friday, the rains stopped on Sunday!)

    The water eventually drains off (from right to left) but it does take a while.

  15. Oops, I meant to add…

    What I thought particularly pertinent to the picture was the street name, can’t see it? Let me help…

    🙂 🙂

  16. Hello Pseu, me again

    Well, we’ve had a stormy July, it’s raining as a type this, good, we’re always grateful for the rain!

    But we also get wind, Port Elizabeth is well known down here as ‘The Windy City’, that’s fine by me, blows all the filthy air away, leaves us with fresh breathable air so no complaints on that score, however, we did have a good blast last week. Here’s the cleanup operation of a tree blown over during one such gale.

    What was of particular interest to me was the damage caused to the neighbouring trees, as the picture shows, huge branches ripped off!

    This close up gives you an idea of the size.

    The building in the background used to be a very upmarket hotel, now converted into a college.

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