Raison d’être
Boadicea’s Chariot provides a meeting place where multiple authors can publish articles on any subject that takes their fancy, and engage in civilised discussion on their posts. 

Boadicea aims to comply rigorously with the WordPress Terms of Service – after all, WordPress will shut her down if she doesn’t, so it makes sense. Other than that, Boadicea expects all contributors to adhere to conventional standards of behaviour and debate. As a general guide, “play the ball, not the man”. Posts and comments which are ill-mannered, self-seeking or which resort to personal abuse will be removed.

Anyone is welcome to become an author on Boadicea’s Chariot. Authors whose posts do not accord with acceptable standards of behaviour and debate will be removed.

WordPress blog sites offer all the picture, video and HTML facilities that could be hoped for, both in posts and in comments. YouTube is particularly easy – only the url (link) is needed, not the ’embed’ code. Ordinary url’s, or links as most people call them, are handled properly. Emoticons are converted automatically from their text version.  

Emojis from contemporary WIN 10 soft keyboards and their equivalent in Android, display correctly as entered.

Our new WordPress template is compatible with most modern browsers, including Edge.

WordPress provides a comprehensive set of Support pages, which explain everything there is to know – except perhaps death and taxes – but there are also some simple guidelines to be found in our FAQs.