One frost does not make a winter….

We have had very mild weather in the UK,  temperature wise, despite all the bluster and buckets of rain. So it was rather refreshing to have a beautifully frosted morning yesterday, especially as I had an old friend visiting from Melbourne. We walked around Blenheim and the years of separation slipped away. We met in 1987 while working in Mildura, Victoria for six months, and again once about 10 years ago when we stayed with him in Melbourne.

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Supper’s in the freezer, Mrs Spider

I’ve been at work today, between two surgeries and various patient’s homes, and all day I have been in wonder of the winter whiteness of the world. A foggy frosty night had left the trees, hedges, grass – everything covered in crystals of ice. Twice (only twice… so I had to leave a lot of photo opportunities un-snapped. What restraint!) I stopped at a destination and took my camera out.

The first time was because of the hedges, swathed in cob-webs webby hedge2Frosted gossamer
makes webs look like razor wire –
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The President and I

I have been to San Clemente. It is a few miles north of San Diego in Southern California. An old school friend of mine has a beautiful house overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I mention the fact because just the other night I watched the film ‘Frost and Nixon’, well, all bar the first 10 minutes. When President Nixon fled the Whitehouse in August 1974 he retired to his home, La Casa Pacifica, in San Clemente and it was there that the famous interviews with David Frost took place. Continue reading “The President and I”

January 14th – a brief nature report, for near Oxford, UK

Today when I opened the curtains at about 8:45, I was greeted with white scenery. A hoar frost had covered everything and as the sun came up it made a wonderful sight. Soft yellowed light, long shadows. But no photos. I hadn’t had my first cup of tea.

Later, after Scout’s Judo run and a little light shopping we came back at about mid-day to find the little garden in our communal driveway still in shade and therefore still frosted.

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