For The Times They Are A Changin

I wrote this piece this morning and put it on my blogger site, but thought it may stir a few souls, so here goes.

Well things are bad, and I believe are going to get a whole load worse, before there is even a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

To me the revolution has started. The strikes are growing and people are openly wearing the iconic mask from V for Vengeance. People the world over are waking up and realising that things left in the hands of politicians are now leading to disaster on a global scale. The revolution is coming from all walks of life and all ages and will continue to grow.

It amazes me that politicians really believe that Europe could become one superstate. Lets remember just in this country alone, we have the north – south divide, where oop north prices and jobs are vastly different from those in the soft south, in fact even in England some dialects are barely understandable to others from even the same country, so here we have self serving politicians from all over Europe who think that different countries, with old scores to settle, with vastly different cultures, language, tradition, history can all pull together in the same direction. Continue reading “For The Times They Are A Changin”

Hello Again

Just thought I would drop by and say hello again to all and sundry. I haven’t shot myself yet, or been shot and still very active in field archery, so much so that I managed to get myself banned by the local club for voicing an opinion in their newsletter, I got one of those ‘on behalf of the committee’ letters written by the chairmans lackey, and then found out that none of the committee knew what this plonker had done, so I up and joined another club, 40 minutes away from home, but with beautiful woods I can shoot in every Sunday.

The winter field league has now started, where fools like me go out every Sunday, get freezing, soaked to the skin or both to shoot a round of 12 targets all over the south coast, the thing is we must be just ever so slightly nuts!

I am still fighting the good fight and loosing as usual. Cameron I feel is just another lying two faced cheating thief who has denied us the referendum as he thinks (that would be a first!) that he knows better, and understands what the the British public wants. That coming from a millionaire who has never had to struggle for anything in his life, basically he knows nothing except how to lie and cheat.

Still doing care homes and sent a letter to the above creep as we had an inspection in April 2011 and I am still waiting for the report so that I can see where we need to do some more work to make my home better. The creep sent my letter to Burstow who then replied and sent it on to CQC, so I bet we come in for some very close scrutiny whilst some arsehole home owner gets away with blue murder.

My regards to Rick, Bearsy and co, so busy that I barely have time to sleep, so not around too much. Can’t wait to retire, only seven years to go and counting, I feel I am becoming mentally weary of trying to keep care homes on the straight and narrow and meet everyones needs, residents, relatives, staff, owners, CQC and stupid bloody politicians who couldn’t do my job in a million years, but know better than someone who has over 40 years experience.

So bye for now, grumpy old fieldshooter (ex-antipolitician, although still so on my own blogs!) signing off. Keep well and don’t let the bastard politicians grind you down………………….. vote them out!

Archery Field Shooting

Once upon a time, long ago I said I would write a piece on what I do as a hobby. My nickname here is an accurate description of what I love doing which is a form of archery called field shooting. This is very different from what you might see on the Olympics or what you might imagine archery as being, nice flat field, set distance, nice bright coloured target to shoot at, not for me, damn boring, I do it, but only when I can’t get to a field shoot, and the bloody weather today means I am writing not doing today!!!!

Field shooting often takes place in woods and all bowstyles are catered for, from Compound (Darkside), Recurve, Long Bow, and my style which is recurve barebow which means no sights (compound and recurve have sights) and I am very limited to what I can have on the bow, I use a method called string walking for various distances, basically this allows me to bring the rear of the arrow down for short distances. Continue reading “Archery Field Shooting”

Is It Worth It?

In my old guise everybody knew that I was avidly anti-politician, a change of name hasn’t changed the stance, believe me I have tried to be good, I have tried to believe during this election campaign, but the same ghost keeps rearing its ugly head, I believe, nor trust any of the leaders of the three main parties.

I still believe that we, as a nation need to shut our Parliament down, have the rules re-written, ban all existing MP’s from standing again (for as long as they live) and I would go so far as to disband all current political parties.

If someone wants to become a care worker they have to jump through enormous hoops to get a job, must have current CRB, must have two written references one must be from previous employer, must have skills and training or be willing to train, must attend staff meetings and supervision sessions, all for (as is often the case) £5.80 per hour and for that they get to be insulted, have to clean up bodily mishaps, and bath cantankerous (in my line) elderly people.

MP’s these days get huge pay cheques, expense accounts, and the only qualification most of them seem to have is the ability to lie, oh and many are lawyers (enough said). This country is going to dump Brown, of that there is no doubt, but I bet the puppetmaster (Mandelson) remains behind. Then we have Milipede who hasn’t done a days real work in his life and Johnson who is another scheming fraud to replace Brown.

On the other hand we have Cameron who sounds like a young Blair and in my eyes is just as dangerous, possibly more so as his policies are in reality not that far away from Labours and he is just running on Browns unpopularity, then there is Clegg, lets give all the illegal immigrants a home ticket, who is so out of touch with the feelings on the immigration issue if it wasn’t so scary it would be comical.

We don’t have a great deal of choice, nor do we have anyone who really understands what the voters of this country want and need. Transparency, honesty and clarity are not words that politicians understand nor abide by and I feel that my beloved country will descend into chaos within a very short time.

I have preached revolution for a long time, I am scared for my country, for my children and for our growing elderly population (after all I am getting closer to it) we are in a mess and nobody gives me hope for the future.

I know who I will be voting for, it will not be for the three main parties or the BNP, but for me I know it is only a protest vote as I have no faith in the politics or the politicians in this country today.

I shall try to be more upbeat later on as I shall write a piece on fieldshooting, once I have finished the club newsletter.

Thank you

Thank you for allowing me to join, I shall try not to bore you all too much with my ramblings, anyway I am so busy these days that inbetween running another care home and trying to turn it around, shooting arrows and sleeping there is little time left for me to rant.

I have changed my username from one which many will remember, and some with disgust, thats cool, I have not changed one bit, I am still the same outspoken nasty b*****d I always was (or so my staff tell me, but what do they know?).

So guesses as to who I am could make for fun.