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You’ve got to love the world of text messaging

February 9, 2012 1 comment

Although I am not a fan of technology, I do have an “unsmart” phone on which I receive text messages (or SMS if you will).

Within seven, yes seven minutes of the announcement of Fabio Capello’s resignation, my phone vibrated and produced:

“Fabio isn’t the first Italian to abandon a sinking ship – two in two months!”

Made me chuckle! Perhaps technology isn’t all bad after all 😀

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What a nice idea for an article – well done Auntie!

January 28, 2012 8 comments

In this year of the Olympics (I’m yawning already and have booked my holiday to Turkey for the first week – and I’m a sports fan!) I was delighted to see this article on the Beeb website and I thought immediately – where would my fellow Charioteers, who all have UK connections, choose?

Read this first and then add your choices!

I’ll start with the Peak District – especially Bakewell and the Monsal Trail. Just for its simple breathtaking beauty.

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Bugger educating the kids, let’s give the Windsors a little gift

January 19, 2012 24 comments

Our wonderful Education Secretary, a minister in HM’s government Michael Gove, has suggested that the nation give the happy couple a gift for the Jubilee this year.

(Hang on, didn’t we have a Jubilee only 10 years ago? Why another one already? He’s nearly dead and she must be getting a little knackered, give her a rest poor love!)

What a lovely thought bless him. So what might that be you wonder?

BBC linky thing here.

Hey – a new yacht costing £60 million. Fantastic idea – especially when cuts are being made everywhere, including the stopping of building any new schools – a policy Mr Gove brought in within minutes of being given teh education portfolio. Read more…

Smoking – does the Nanny state have a point?

November 21, 2011 10 comments

Firstly, I shall declare myself as an ex-smoker, I gave up 5 years ago give or take having smoked for 20 on and off. I’m no anti-smoker like some, but I don’t like the smell indoors any more and am quite happy not to smoke. I still love the smell of a cigar though, and occasionally I still get a craving. I’m happy for people to smoke if they want. I have the choice to move away.

Anyway, this article (linky thing) is the second story in the press this month about smoking, and I thought it worthy of debate. The first story was regarding the BMA in the UK suggesting the government should ban smoking in cars to protect children. Read more…

Last rugby post, I promise!

October 25, 2011 4 comments

I attach a link to an article from the BBC (sorry, I just don’t have time to go elsewhere!) that I think may help explain the reason for the passionate way the nation of New Zealand have a national religion….rugby union.

Linky thing
Read more…

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Phew! Nearly a choke…..but the trophy is All Black!

October 23, 2011 11 comments

Well done France for making a great tight match. I didn’t enjoy it one bit!


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Nearly Darwin award of the day

September 26, 2011 7 comments

What a plonker. So he jumps off a mountain and his paracute half fails. Deserved what he got, a broken leg and the humiliation. I hope the helicopter rescue chaps charged him full whack for wasting their time. I bet he does it again, idiot.

And he squealed like a baby too.

Linky video thing

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He gets my vote but he’ll never last…

September 23, 2011 3 comments

A pollie who speaks his mind? Crikey, that’ll never do!

Linky thing

Well, he’s not really a proper pollie, he’s a Lord so I can’t vote for him anyway!

I do like the Denmark and Belgium aspect…..he does have a point though doesn’t he?

Or actually, are we now just a third tier military country and he should shut up? Sad he had to come out with a snivelling apology so quickly – you’d think as a former Sea Lord he knows what he’s talking about!

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Hypocrisy of the Western world

September 14, 2011 10 comments

So we, in the “West”, try to spread democracy around the world, even to those that don’t want it. We invade other countries in the name of it and we kill and maim in the name of protecting the innocent citizens of countries run by dictators. And, if we can’t do it ourselves, we sell arms to less democratic countries to do it instead. After we have sold them a whole bunch of weapons, that is.

Now, I accept that economics and politics are intrinsically linked, but when I read in my newspaper yesterday about the Annual London Weapons Fair, I tutted and shook my head in resigned sadness. We will never achieve anything in this world, let alone peace and harmony, and we, the western world, are in my mind as bad as any “terrorist”, “islamic fundamentalist” or suicide bomber.

Where’s the moral high ground? And who decides to whom we can sell these evil products?. The F.O. has said that “export licences are under review since the Arab Spring”. That’s reassuring. I hope Paddy Ashdown is doing the review. Read more…

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Rugby World Cup 2011 in NZ – an amateur pundit goes on record

August 31, 2011 16 comments

Not a blog for all I fancy, so if not your cup of tea, do feel free to ignore! Although, to attract some of our members, here is a free look at the greatest Number 10 currently playing, young Daniel Carter. A lovely chap, I have met him, he’s very polite and shy:

Read more…

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