A wave from The Bay

Shannon Kahn and Berni Freeman wishing all a happy 2013

And a Happy New Year from me too.

This delightful picture by Mike Holmes wishing readers a Happy New Year graces the front page of my daily read today, taken at Hobie Beach right in the heart of the Port Elizabeth promenade.

I thought it too good not to share.

14 thoughts on “A wave from The Bay”

  1. Soutie, g’morgen for the last time in 2012! What can I say? Might one enquire if you are (cough) acquainted with your subjects? Is Mr Holmes a mate? Is Page Three even more (cough again) delightful? 🙂

  2. Môre Janus.

    Unfortunately i haven’t had the pleasure of acquainting myself with the girls (a new years wish perhaps ;))

    Yes I know Mike well, no page 3’s here, or any of the mainstream press that I read for that matter, everybody covered from cover to cover, if you get my drift.

    I thought sand, sea and sunny skies a pleasant change for cherished colleagues.

  3. Thanks for the picture, Soutie. It really makes me feel better as I sit looking out the window at grey skies and the bare branches getting pushed to and fro by a strong wind.

    Happy New Year to all Charioteers.

  4. … and a very happy New Year’s morn’ to all

    Respite yesterday from the Christmas heat, hopefully the cooler (20c) weather will continue today, as I get older I do realise that one can have too much of a good thing.

    Cricket only starts tomorrow (Newlands) and for some reason the Aussies have an extra day off and only start on the 3rd? Probably so that they can pack the SCG over the weekend, has nobody told them that it’ll be another 3 day test?

  5. Soutie, go’ nytårsmorgen! Nice and quiet here now after the armageddon of fireworks before, at and after 12.

  6. Happy New Year, Soutie.

    Before I head out this afternoon to the pub to watch the Teddy Bears I have a few hours to fill. Think I’ll watch the Kiwis win the two day Test Match. SA 1 for1 as I type.

  7. A Good New Year to you, Soutie.

    Switched on at 14-2 and watched the rest of the demolition of the Black Caps. Superb bowling from Philander for his five-fer.

    Surprised at Smith’s failure. Takes the average required for him to be fastest to 10k runs to 159, by my calculation.

    Why did NZ choose to bat after winning the toss?

  8. Good evening TR and JM, fellow cricket enthusiasts, a happy new year to both of you. (May we do collective happy new years? I fully understand the ‘never too late’ bit but I must confess to being a bit of an ignoramus on the other finer points.)

    With our test on the go and another about to start in 6 hours time I though it only appropriate that a separate and more aptly titled post be established for the expected deluge of views and comments.

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