Results of the Poetry Competition

Sorry for the delay but here are the eagerly awaited (by Janus anyway), and hastily composed results of the February/March Poetry Competition.

Thank you all for your contributions, and PapaG – although yours was too late to be included in the judging – I did enjoy reading your topical verse.

George Fripley’s December in Great Bentley was a little gem, in my opinion. FEEG’s Weather and the Joys of Old Age contained a lot of truth; my father used to complain about his old war wound in cold damp weather! Janus contributed Weather Vain?, Weathermania and Victim of the Weather. All very different in tone and style, and his usual skill with words was demonstrated throughout. Low Wattage’s Shipping Forecast was a quite different take on the theme and very cleverly done.

Soutie, luckily the sun was shining today so I managed to appreciate your offering entitled Heat without feeling too much envy, or the slightest desire to down a cold beer!

It’s a pity as usual that there can be only one winner. I have to confess that this would have been George Fripley’s poem, but I seem to recall that the rules state that one has to be an author of this site to win and therefore set the next competition.

So, Janus, you take the honours with your entry Weather Vain? It was very different to your normal style and no doubt inspired by your accompanying illustration by John Constable, arguably one of the finest painters of every aspect of English skies and weather.

3 thoughts on “Results of the Poetry Competition”

  1. Congratulations, Janus!

    A lovely mix of poems for this competition, Araminta; not an easy choice, but a good one (imo). Well judged.

  2. Well done Jay, may I suggest a ‘sprint cup’ for the next one i.e. a quick and short deadline date? Awarding you the floating trophy denies us of course of your contributions, which obviously reduces the already limited entries! I think a short sharp 7-10 day dash oughta do it 😉

  3. Many thanks, Arrers! Come on George, join the Chariot!

    I have to think about a theme now but I like Soutie’s ‘quick-fire’ idea.

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