Yuletide greetings

Today is the first day of the new year, sunwise that is. And today many Nordics start their family rituals. You know the kinda thing: cosy booze-ups, loadza grub, sibling rivalry, risk of DUI and a hangover lasting until 31st December. How we laugh!

Anyway in the best possible spirit of the season old Backside and I thank  all of you for another sun-year of good company and stimulating thoughts to brighten our duller days. And we wish you health and contentment for the year ahead.

A wave from The Bay

Shannon Kahn and Berni Freeman wishing all a happy 2013

And a Happy New Year from me too.

This delightful picture by Mike Holmes wishing readers a Happy New Year graces the front page of my daily read today, taken at Hobie Beach right in the heart of the Port Elizabeth promenade.

I thought it too good not to share.

Halfway between Christmas and New Year

Half between Christmas and New Year and more than half the contents of the fridge are used up, with some waiting to be used as leftovers. It is a bit of a juggling act, balancing the nutritional needs of the family and occasional special dietary requirements, against other commitments and time factors dictated by ‘use by’ dates!
Today I checked all the dates, and promptly made trifle to use up the special custard I had bought for the purpose. We haven’t yet needed the gammon (but it will be used on Friday).

I haven’t been food shopping for a week, unless you count the dash for milk yesterday. My current guest left this morning and new ones arrive tomorrow. Today I have a long list of things to do. Bed linen changeover will be tight. A new menu plan needs to be devised and shopped for.

Why am I blogging?

Until yesterday we hadn’t seen sunshine for days: then about 3pm a slant of sunshine slipped in, to light up my front door – via a reflection in my neighbour’s window. How strange. The sun goes down behind the house and the front door only usually sees the sun early in the morning. I was lucky to see it. I just popped out to collect something from the car.