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Still Standing

July 24, 2017 9 comments

So, we flew back from St Petersburg last Sunday, via Amsterdam (always a mistake), at the end of an utterly memorable visit to the Russian Federation. Still not convinced that Putin is, on the whole,  a good idea but a wee bit less anti than I was before I went. People wonderful, language interesting, sites and sights epic. We will go back. Read more…

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Get Intae Them!

November 11, 2016 9 comments

I am almost sure that I posted on this before. I also think. however, that said post shuffled off the Internet coil when MyT (may the Barclay Brothers rot in Hell and/or Sark) pulled the plug.

My Dad was British to both the depths of his soul and to the sole of his Army boots. Never altered the fact that he was ecstatic if a Scot or Scots team shoved it right up the fundament of the relevant Southron opponent. Read more…

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August 9, 2016 21 comments

I can only claim to be a Mackie because of  my mother. Her surname is one of my middle names, in traditional Scots style. It’s what we do, nomenclature-wise.

In case you have forgotten it. that is why Bob Wilson, stalwart keeper of the Arsenal goal, and one of the better Jock custodians.  in my opinion. rejoices in the middle name of ‘Primrose’. Read more…

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Fond Memories

July 26, 2016 15 comments

Every so often, I read a story that drags me back  too many years.

This is one that just did it for me:-

As an an Army-born brat, my  initial reaction was that junior officers will be junior officers.  I would not want them to be anything else, given the excellent  job that they will do for my country in their future years of service. They would not, in my opinion, be able to do that  vital job for the rest of us unless they were  heid-banger inclined  in the first place. I could, of course, be biased. Read more…

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Stay or Go – Sovereignty

June 22, 2016 7 comments

I’ve been all over the place on this one.

I promise you that I have  perused everything that my fellow Charioteers have posted or linked on sovereignty. Read more…

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Stay or Go – Immigration

June 22, 2016 15 comments

Uncontrolled immigration is  a bad thing.

You English Southrons are, comparatively,  living cheek by jowl  with a population density of 413 per square kilometre. Yet again, we Celts are holding you back from being right up there, c by j-wise. To be fair, you could never hope to compete with top of the table Monaco and  their 25,718.12 psm. Read more…

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Stay or Go? – Our Economy

June 19, 2016 10 comments

This one is easy, in my opinion.

Nobody seem to  dispute that we are the fifth largest economy in the world. Or that we have a trade deficit with the EU.

I don’t believe that cutting off your nose to spite your face will ever appeal to  rEU*. Read more…

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Should We Stay or Should We Go?

June 18, 2016 59 comments


Right then, there’s less than a week to go and all to play for. Read more…

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‘They Think It’s All Over.’

May 10, 2016 11 comments

I’m a wee bit Reginald* tonight.

On the evening of 16th December 1964, I was part of a crowd of just under 5,000 which crammed itself into Muirton Park (record attendance 29,972 when we were robbed 1-3 in the Cup by one of the teams from the Armpit of the Universe which is rightly reviled  throughout the civilised world). Also known as Dundee.

Where was I? Oh yes, 16th December 1964. We had  finally managed to afford floodlights, thanks to selling Jim Townsend to Middlesbrough  for £20,000  and we had invited a top team for the official onswitch.  It was the FA Cup  holders, West Ham. Read more…

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Welcome Back – Hands Across the M8

April 17, 2016 7 comments

Those of you not fortunate enough to endure existence in Caledonia (stern and wild) under the benevolent and all-intruding rule of Wee Nippy (aka Mother Nicola)  probably don’t care very much about the football-related tribal strife which has, on occasion, stained our national name.

Wow. Just wow! That’s a whole paragraph with one sentence. Mind, I’m swithering a wee bit about whether it needs a comma after ‘wild)’ and ‘Nicola)’.

 Whatever!  Read more…

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