The runway

October 25, 2016 Leave a comment

We’re all seasoned travellers here, so we are qualified to tell the gubmint which new runway to approve. There are no hubs which really offer an enhanced experience (!) – at least that I know of – so the decision for me comes down to ease of access to/from London for the common customer. LHR or LGW?

Easy. By car, bus, train or taxi LHR is quicker, cheaper and far less frustrating. I’m sure you all agree ?

Airmiles is at it again

October 24, 2016 4 comments

It’s been a while since I reported on the royals. Probably because Kate can do no wrong and Wills is doing his best, bless him.

But sources tell me that the PoW is side-lining his rapacious brother whose strings are obviously still being jerked by the inimitable Fergie. Andy’s been whining about his daughters’ having to work for living – which they seem do do but rather spasmodically – arguing that the Heir’s lads are fully subsidised royals. With his nose well and truly out of joint, Andy asked HM the Queen to intercede on his behalf – and got what can only be described as the bum’s rush from the Palace too.

Come on girls! Use your natural talents, tap into Daddy’s well-oiled connections, marry well – and Chuck’s your uncle!

Rod Liddle on Putin

October 23, 2016 16 comments
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October 22, 2016 24 comments

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m as francophile as the next man. M. Hulot is a hero, Bardot an icon, Paris the real deal. But like so many good things France is badly served by its people when the chips are down.

Remember Charles Le Nez? He’s the fella who decamped to London when les Boches invaded and returned home when the last shots had been fired, declaring he was the saviour of France. But he was the only European who believed it.

And now, when France faces a formidable force of British brains in the Battle of Brexit, what do les Froches do? They puff themselves up and bring out their most horrifying weapon, so often deployed against British tourists: Non speakee Eenglish.

It’s just the French way. Such self-belief! So divorced from reality! You have to admire them – or do you?

Every Picture etc….

October 20, 2016 16 comments

I accidentally bought a cheese scone. Surprisingly, or not, it went very well with jam, blackcurrant, strawberry, raspberry …etc. Having repeated the mistake a couple of times I can confirm the result. Have even converted Mrs J.

BTW tea, coffee and buns for two in Waitrose costs about *£5.80 as opposed to twice that amount in the local Costa or other cafes. To some extent this makes up for the fact that they’ve ramped up the price of unsalted butter from one pound, or less, to anything from £1-20 to £1-70 for French ‘President Beurre’. Just as well we buy ours at Aldi where it’s still 85p.

*If you have a Waitrose Card



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Having a larf, innit?

October 18, 2016 15 comments

So the British Government agreed to accept 300 “child refugees” with family already in the United Kingdom. The first of the lot arrived in Britain today to much fanfare. Unfortunately, this isn’t quite the fanfare that the Delightful Mrs May Or Amber Rudd the Dud would have liked. It seems, as if, they look rather wiser than their years should allow. That is, they are as convincing as children as I am as a Japanese schoolgirl. This makes me wonder if it is ministerial incompetence, a fast-one pulled by the Frogs or if the British Government simply wanted to create so much public disgust with this that opposition to taking more would be insurmountable.

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Is it presidential?

October 16, 2016 14 comments

The Clinton Trump face-off is raising questions about what is acceptable behaviour from a wannabe Commander-in-Chief.

Trump’s life in business and the media is being exposed in all its unethical banality. Hillary is on the pillory (!) for alleged illegalities and deceptions over the years.

And now (remember both candidates are of retirement age) Trump suggests Clinton is boosted by performance-enhancing drugs. As if this is a quasi-athletic contest in which a level-playing-field must be guaranteed. So – is it? Do the most senior public servants have a duty to be subject to medical scrutiny and be ‘clean’? If so does such a prerequisite apply similarly to their staff; and their staff, etc?

So come to think of it, should Churchill and JFK have been disqualified from office? Is today’s political environment different?

Just askin’.

The Problem we have with Russia.

October 14, 2016 Leave a comment

Talk by Peter Hitchens, well worth listening to.

“…..Another event at the Wordsmithy festival in Moscow Idaho, a lecture I gave on the Russian question

Its message will be familiar to anyone who has read my article on the same issue in ‘First Things’ …..”


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Living in a dream world

October 13, 2016 14 comments

That is the SNP’s new slogan. A world where men in skirts play their pipes untroubled by the cruel realities of GDP, the national debt, the cost of welfare and the absence of the Great Scotch Free Lunch.

And the Caviar Queen, unable to look over the towering Hadrian’s Wall – owing to her myopia amongst other little problems – has no doubt about the appeal of a future already mapped out by Greece. Except the crumbling EU will no longer throw good money after bad.

So one must as an Englander wish her well with her dream, removing from the rest of the UK the Great Caledonian Burden. Give her a new vote to defect, help her to win it, cast her adrift and breathe a sigh of relief.

Of Sheep and Men

October 12, 2016 6 comments

Since extricating myself from the sulphuric clutches of Dodgydagoland I’ve sought some purpose and meaning in my quiet, uneventful life. As I’m only in Germany for a few months, just until my December holiday and then a few weeks afterwards, establishing a truly regular routine is senseless. Through pure accident, however, I’ve found purpose and meaning in my life. I am a sheep observer. Read more…

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