Bye bye, Nicola

April 25, 2017 3 comments

The rot is setting in, I’m delighted to say. The SNP will lose seats in the general election and both Scotland and the UK will be happier all round.

La Pauvre France

April 24, 2017 9 comments

France has survived the first round of its obtuse presidential election system. Little Manny Macaroon and Marine Le Pen survived and France will have to choose between these two underwhelming specimens next month. Le Pen does not actually openly despise France and wish for it to be dissolved in an EU fantasy empire, but her economic manifesto is an absolute catastrophe. 1930s statism and protectionism failed then and they’d fare worse now. Even if she’s wrong about many things, and that her desire to withdraw from the eurozone and EU would be legally complicated to say the least, she is still motivated by a love for la France profonde. Little Manny Macaroon, the school boy who ran away with his French teacher, is favoured to win. He, naturally, has no clue about governance. However, he at least has a basic grasp of economics. He does, sadly, openly despise France having publicly denigrated it abroad. His idea of a foreign policy is the destruction of France as a sovereign state, being an even bigger euro-fanatic than Hollande. Neither candidate is what France needs. France needs strong and spirited leadership to end its drift — it needs someone who can read the mood outside Paris and Brussels. Neither, ultimately, does this. It seems as if Little Manny Macaroon is favoured to be the next president. He will have little support in parliament and his views on the EU and immigration are about as popular in France as a bad case of the clap. Should he, as he apparently intends to, emulate Blair and Obama France will be a year past its collapse in 2022.

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April 24, 2017 5 comments

Now showing in a Hertfordshire garden. Not a crime shed. Maybe he’d just found his dog, always worth celebrating.

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Nice to know that we can still do things in the UK

April 22, 2017 14 comments

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Mildly amusing… For some.

April 22, 2017 13 comments
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April 21, 2017 6 comments

Asleep At The Wheel

April 20, 2017 6 comments

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Now that’s what I call a grandfather clause!

April 19, 2017 28 comments

The Grauniad claims an exclusive – the story that the Danish gubmint plans to oppose Britain’s bid to reclaim control of its coastal waters to the exclusion of ‘traditional’ fishing partners. Apparently the Danes will present a legal case based on custom and practice dating back to the 1400s which will permit DK to continue net 40% of their catch in British waters – and the whole EU fleet to source a third of its fish there too.

Shades of Kirk Kent and the Viking invasion in 1983? Yes, which suggests the true precedent is the status quo prior to that, whereby Britain was in control! Since then the EU ‘accord’ has decimated the British fleet and allowed all and sundry to fish around our islands.

…and I said to Melania….

April 18, 2017 5 comments

The lady is for turning

April 18, 2017 10 comments

Like any admirable lady, Ms May reserves the right to change her mind. Irritants like the SNP and nonentities like Labour and the LimpDims must be side-lined while the real business of gubmint is dealt with. 08.06.2017 will be another bit of history for the UK. (Strains of Rule Britannia and the perfume of June roses.)