Zac Goldsmith: The Fall

December 2, 2016 13 comments

So the Limp Dims have overturned a 20,000-vote majority for Zac Goldsmith. Not terribly surprising, really, considering the impetuousness and rash irresponsibility of the man. He had a comfortable level of support in the London mayoral election. Then, he not only snatched defeat form the jaws of victory but positively rammed it down Khan’s throat. Then, in a most febrile of atmospheres — and in what was until 2010 a marginal Limp Dim seat — he resigned from the Conservative Party and forced a by-election. Good riddance. The Delightful Mrs May may hardly be delighted by the loss of a seat, but he’s been a tremendous thorn in HM’s Government’s side for some time.

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It’s getting darker

November 30, 2016 15 comments

We are all ‘acclimating’ (Am.) to Trump’s regime. The twitting, undiplomatic rookie marches on, in anticipation of his inauguration. But soft! What darkness intrudes, stage left? It is the Prince of Darkness himself, the CIA chief! Even before the new Pres is in res (c Backside 2016) the Dark Side is warning him to play their game, not to upset their apple-cart.

Excuse me, but don’t the numerous security services report to the White House?


Ruminating Remainers

November 26, 2016 24 comments

I am somewhat amused to see the ecstatic enthusiasm with which the Guardian readers are welcoming the thought of being able to remain as individuals within the EU.

Presumably this would take the form of a Visa or Eu passport for which they will have to pay.  What none of them consider is quite how much they will have to pay!  Will they have to use it or lose it?  All sorts of wrinkles there that may prove very expensive indeed.

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More Gowdy

November 25, 2016 Leave a comment

This guy is a class act. I wish we had some like him over here.

You can find more on Youtube.

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Congressman Trey Gowdy

November 25, 2016 16 comments

With luck this guy will become US Attorney General.


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Perfidious Gaul

November 24, 2016 11 comments

This has been quite a year politically, hasn’t it? Throughout the West the established political order has been challenged and undermined. In Germany the stale coalition system has effectively been turned on its head. Baden-Württemberg has a Greens-led coalition with the CDU as junior coalition partner. Rheinland-Pfalz has a “traffic light” coalition – Red/Yellow/Green. In the former DDR the AfD have been winning over 20pc in most states, even hard-left Berlin gave th Read more…

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Ritzy caption, anyone?

November 24, 2016 3 comments


Pays de Galles

November 22, 2016 7 comments


I see that a certain Penelope from said country is wed to the prospective Pres of the Gauls! And her sister is wed to his….  brother.

Is she Ms May’s secret weapon Brexitwise, I wonder?

It could have been me!

November 20, 2016 6 comments

Come on! I’ve been to Oz more than once and seen several repeats of the Croc Dundee films. At least a 12th man candidate, surely?


November 17, 2016 10 comments

I have read today about the scandal of care workers not being paid for travel time and on zero rated hours.

People pay 16 per hour to the council, who subcontract to ‘for profit’ companies who pay the workers less than half of this.

Why do people not hire the care workers direct and get more for their money?  Why do care workers not make their own rounds of customers up and become self employed? People hire their own domestic cleaners direct why not care workers?  I understand this would not be a choice if you do not pay for care but seemingly most people have to contribute something per hour so why not?  Anyone got any insight into this?

If you ask me, zero rated hours should be made illegal, disgusting abuse of labour.

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