To know my deed, ’twere best not know myself.

March 29, 2017 10 comments

The deed’s been done. At 12:30 BST, Sir Tim Barrow personally delivered the Prime Minister’s letter invoking Article 50 to Donald Tusk. Nine months have come and gone since Britain voted to disentangle itself from the increasingly moribund EU project. There is no going back, there is no stopping Brexit. Read more…

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A day with friends

March 29, 2017 11 comments

As I’ve mentioned before, the Danish royals are on welfare, but undeterred by such inappropriate considerations, they treated their Belgian peers to the best of everything. Sans the Prince  Consort, who has taken his bat home to France after being denied kingship (again). A good time was had by all, especially the Crown Prince who does little else but have a good time, unlike his Tasmanian wife, the fashion queen of Scandinavia.

If you’d like to witness some conspicuous consumption, the Mail has it all:

Coal Dust and Rust

March 27, 2017 7 comments

This year in politics threatens to be eventful. The British Government is set to trigger Article 50 on the 29th of March. The Netherlands had its parliamentary election in which the new political landscape of one of Europe’s most stable countries has been laid bare. Read more…

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Cyclone Warning

March 27, 2017 14 comments

The top end of Queensland is prone to cyclones. Some years there are several relatively small ones, every so often they get a big one.

As some of you may know cyclones are rather unpredictable. The longer they are over water, the bigger they get … and no one seems to be able to predict exactly where they will cross the land. Read more…

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But, but……., Ms Fishface

March 27, 2017 6 comments

The illustrious Pound Sterling will appreciate on your departure!


March 26, 2017 4 comments

yellow bollards buckingham palace

No, not concrete – and they have mitres too! Or are they orbs? Nice job.

This is from “The Cornish news”

March 25, 2017 7 comments

An elderly man was left furious yesterday after a seagull stole his false teeth.

Dave Pascoe, from Hayle witnessed the incident, he said “I was sat outside the pub, by the red phone box looking at the harbour. There was an elderly man, he must have been in his eighties eating a really big sub roll sandwich. As usual, there were loads of seagulls flying round and I suddenly saw one swoop towards him and grab his sandwich. The bird flew off with the roll and something fell out of the man’s mouth. It all happened so fast, the man swung for the bird, missed, then did a double take as he looked at the object on the floor and with this weird voice, shouted “My teeth!” It was his false teeth on the floor! I think he was biting the sandwich when the seagull pulled it from his hands, taking his full set of top teeth out in the process. As he bent down onto the cobble road and scrambled for his dentures, another seagull swooped down, picked up his teeth and flew off out to sea, following the other bird holding his sandwich! The man looked really angry and was waving his fist, yelling and swearing “Give me my fu**ing teeth back!” I felt bad that I couldn’t stop laughing, but seeing the man double take at his teeth and then shout “My teeth!” was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! I have no Idea who he was, but he looked at me and said “That’s right, you laugh! Luckily I’ve got a spare at home!” He then calmed down and burst out laughing, mumbling “Bleddy seagulls” before walking back towards the town.

The RSPB are calling for the government to introduce bylaws that fine people who feed gulls in urban areas to help combat the rising number of seagull attacks in Cornwall.

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The day Britain lost its soul

March 25, 2017 46 comments

I was going to say something about decimalisation myself but Mr Sandbrook does it better than I ever could.

link to original article.

The day Britain lost its soul: How decimalisation signalled the demise of a proudly independent nation

By Dominic Sandbrook 31st January 2011

Although we all have money worries, especially at a time of such economic ­austerity, few of us ever spare a thought for the coins that jangle in our pockets. We take them for granted; usually we ­barely even bother to look at them.

Yet next month will mark the 40th ­anniversary of one of the biggest ­ruptures in our recent past — a moment that marked the greatest transformation in the history of ­British money.
Read more…

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London Pride

March 22, 2017 31 comments

London is not easily bowed. A calm, quiet order prevails.

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A donnish dive

March 22, 2017 9 comments

Colin Dexter, the creator of E. Morse, the curmudgeonly Oxford detective, has died aged 86, having introduced us all to his favourite haunts in the city – like the Turf Tavern (above, if you can find it!). ‘Two pints of Flowers, please, landlord.’ Read more…

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