The Caviar Bottler

February 21, 2017 9 comments

The great abortion that is Holyrood is all abuzz. For the first time, the Scottish “Parliament” is preparing to exercise its semi-independent tax policy. Scottish Labour and the Limp Dims, predictably, couldn’t see an opportunity to put up tax rates they didn’t like. The fragrant Greens were chomping at the bit at the chance to impose a 60pc tax rate on those earning over £150,000 pa. The Scots Tories were quite sensibly arguing that making Scotland an even dearer place to live and do business was probably not the soundest approach to take. Read more…

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Thanks for the memory

February 21, 2017 1 comment

Did that get the heart beating? No? Never mind, she’s retiring now.


February 21, 2017 12 comments

I have in the past railed against twitter, however since Donald became president I have opened a twitter account and am having great fun following the 45th President of the USA@realDonaldTrump .

Trump of course also has a Facebook account and is using social media brilliantly and it’s becoming clear that most of his critics have completely underestimated him.


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And there’s more……..

February 19, 2017 13 comments

Not recommended for those of a sensitive disposition…………

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Good night!

February 18, 2017 4 comments

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Just for a laugh…….or not ?

February 18, 2017 10 comments

I ordered 3 of these from Vistaprint.

Will have great fun wearing it around Henley and Wallingford.



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Gubmint health warning

February 18, 2017 11 comments

Proceed at your own risk!

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In A City Transformed

February 17, 2017 11 comments

The Schengen Treaty has transformed Trier/Trier-Saarburg beyond recognition. The city looks much the same as it always has – at as much as I remember. Every now and again there is a new building, another development or something that’s always been reinvented. Never-the-less, it’s a city transformed Read more…

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Phony Tony is at it again

Tony Blair is bleating on about how Brexiteers did not know what they were voting for in the referendum and should reconsider their vote. Apart from the fact that most Brexiteers knew exactly what they were voting for, in spite of Project Fear and all the other dark propaganda, it is too late now.

What a horrible man he is and no wonder he made sure the death penalty was no longer available for treason. Does he not realise that he has become one the most hated people in the UK and that anything he supports is likely to lose support amongst normal human beings?

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Who’s going to pay the piper?

February 16, 2017 19 comments

nato gdp 1

President Trump has declared that NATO members must pay their whack. Apparently members ‘should’ be paying 2% of GDP p.a. but very few do, notably Canada, France, Germany and Italy, whose annual subs fall well short. Only Greece, Estonia and Poland pay up alongside the US and UK.

Now, being a simple soul, I think Trump has a point. No doubt the defaulters have long lists of excuses to offer but (as Jazz has kindly observed) I’m a stickler for rules.

At a time when Russia seems intent on reigniting the cold war and reasserting its control of its borders with the EU, are the less enthusiastic NATO countries expressing their apathy, their poverty or wha’?

Answers please on anything saleable.