Lookin’ good, Ms May

January 17, 2017 27 comments


The meeja clever dicks are already up in arms about the PM’s priorities for Brexit, kick-off timed for the end March BST. But the ever-fickle markets for money seem to approve and have swiftly reversed the Brexit discount they applied yesterday before she spoke.  So I approve too, given the sterling nature of my pensions.

Being British but not being liberal or elite, I applaud the idea of explaining slowly and loudly to the Continentals in English that there’s more than one way to trade together, to deal with immigration and to subsidise worthwhile activities – none of them involving the EU, its legal set-up and its federal ambitions. And more fool the Europrats if they can’t follow the logic or see the light.

Keep calm and carry the day, Ms May.

Inaugural caption, anybody?

January 16, 2017 4 comments


I heard about you from my friend, Nigel

A nice little story from the NZ Farming site today

January 15, 2017 18 comments

A car pulls up in front of our driveway this morning, while I’m shovelling almond hulls down the front and a lady gets out and asks for directions
I pointed her in the right direction and I prepared to get back to my shovelling Then I hear
” Oh.you have cows how lovely, I’m a vegan”
I’m thinking great, this is all I need with 750kgs of almonds to shovel, so I answer with
” Yes we run a dairy farm. Thank you, yes they are lovely” while thinking that I was being unusually polite, for me.
“I think cows are lovely but they need to be free & I only drink almond milk & milking them is cruel” she says.
I’m thinking, hmmm ……. so I answer with
“Oh, but our cows produce almond milk, see what I’m shovelling? That’s almond hulls and we feed those to the cows & they give us almond milk” –
Surely I have gone too far with that one, no one would believe that
“My gosh” she squeals ” how wonderful I’ll have to tell my friends about this farm”
Shit. I’m hoping she has no idea how to find our place again. I really enjoyed shovelling the rest of hulls this morning after that effort.

Made smile anyway.

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Meg’s mate

January 14, 2017 9 comments

This is your Court correspondent, reporting on the life and work of Snowdon, just call him Tony.

Of course those society snappers faced awful temptations. Some resisted, I’m sure; others, like Tony, indulged. But (again of course, given the the tempora and the mores) the extent of the indulgence was never revealed.

After Meg succumbed to the curse of her cigs, Tony continued to bat for both sides, taking his latest handsome squeezes to be entertained to dinner by ‘friends’.

A full-colour fella, eh? RIP.


The Man in Black

January 14, 2017 2 comments

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Mark Steyn

January 12, 2017 4 comments

Some here will recall that in the good old days when Conrad Black owned the Daily Telegraph Mark Steyn would often appear in its pages. Since the Barclays however..no more.

Steyn is also a pretty good singer which is probably a lot more than you can say for most journalists.

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Mutiny on the Harmony

January 12, 2017 15 comments

I found this on the web a little while ago and it brought back a few memories, courtesy of the website of Mr Ambrose- Jones, who joined as the replacement Chief Officer.


I joined the London Harmony as an apprentice deck officer at the tender age of seventeen. As apprentices we worked with the crew for most of the time, which didn’t make it the most comfortable place to be on the ship when the crew mutinied. It did, however, rapidly improve my observational powers when walking around on the main deck alone.

This is Mr Ambrose-Jones account of the events that took place after he joined the ship


London Harmony Incident Read more…

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January 11, 2017 5 comments

You would think that in so called civilised western wealthy democracies that homelessness would be dealt with a degree of efficiency.

Not so, it is obvious that it is on the rise quite dramatically in Canada, Great Britain and the USA. It may well be happening elsewhere in Europe too, I do not know.  Stories reported recently here.  Four have died in Portland of hypothermia since the beginning of the year.  They have 8 immigrants in hospital in Toronto.  Stupid Africans who tried to walk across the border north from Minnesota at this time of year (-40 below) who have now lost hands, feet and digits from frostbite.  Heavens knows how many have died in BC.

Read more…

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The green line

January 11, 2017 8 comments

In ’67 I visited a relative serving in the RAF at Akrotiri, conveyed by an ear-shattering  VC10 in the company of other families. We landed in Nicosia, at an airport which fell out of service in ’74 when Cyprus was split in two, the warring sides separated by the green line on a military map. I was shown the bustling port of Famagusta too, which has been a ghost town since ’74.

So I’m intrigued by the latest efforts to reconcile the north and south of the island at talks now underway in Geneva. My good friends there would be more than happy to recover their families’ long-lost properties. But there are serious reservations about Turkey’s willingness to withdraw their forces.

I hope Cyprus achieves unification. Fingers crossed.

Flannan Isles Lighthouse

January 10, 2017 12 comments

In 1900 three experienced lighthouse keepers disappeared from the Flannan Isles Lighthouse. For those who are unfamiliar with the case, or with geography of a distinctly Jockish flavour, relevant lighthouse was some 20 miles west of Lewis, Western Isles. The lighthouse itself was in good order with the only physical sign of distress being an overturned chair. The lighthouse journal told of strange events that took place over the final days. Normally strong, even combative, men who had worked as keepers for decades became sullen, one even wept constantly. No bodies were ever found. On the final recorded days no unusually bad storms were recorded for that region. Some geologists have speculated that the deaths had an incredibly dull cause. The isle on which the lighthouse is built has many geos, or deeply-cut gullies. Water, especially when seas are rough, can be forced up sweeping anyone near into the sea.

My opinion? Scotland is one of the most atmospheric places I’ve ever had the fortune of visiting. There’s something dark and brooding, a heaviness in the atmosphere that I’m yet to experience elsewhere. Perhaps a synthesis of their isolation and an unusually thick atmosphere led them to toss caution to the wind. There was severe damage to one side of the island so it’s likely they were taken by the sea.

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