The Fall of the SNP?

So it’s finally come to pass. Nicky the Fish is gone, her husband arrested and years of mismanagement catching up. Scottish Labour have a new leadership that seems to at be at least somewhat capable of communicating with Scottish voters. Scotland is unlikely to become a Labour fiefdom again, but Labour do have a good chance of becoming a serious party north of the border again. In the mid-to-long-term, the Tories at least have favourable odds of remaining a small, but relevant political force. Most importantly, Labour, the Tories and the Liberal Democrats have the ability to deny the SNP and their Greens allies a majority at Holyrood. A Labour-Lib Dem coalition would, most likely, be an improvement over the SNP. Things might not change overnight, the SNP will probably remain an electoral force, but what talent do they have? What leadership?

The UK Is out of the EU. Life goes on. I’ve heard breathless reporting from the BBC, Guardian, etc. about how everything going wrong in the UK is because of Brexit. Eh… The same problems, or at least the same number of problems, exist in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc. The Land of Eternal Dementia (formerly known as the USA) is becoming increasingly farcical. With the sky not falling and no serious politician wanting to touch that issue, it’s not going to be a real issue. The UK might join EFTA, it might not, but Brexit is finished. Even in Scotland, it’s not the only issue, and there are more pressing things than the minor differences in daily life.

Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

4 thoughts on “The Fall of the SNP?”

  1. I expect you can imagine my delight when Sturgeon resigned, Christopher, apparently to “spend more time with her family” or her motorhome or something. Even more delight when Murrell was invited to help the police with their inquiries. I hope that Police Portugal are also invited to join in by searching the Murrell villa and garden there.

    The new SNP leader, the Useless one, should see the SNP reduced to its previous state of very minor party. That’s not to say that I want to see Alba and the other fish make a comeback. There’s such a lot to be done to return Scotland to a successful, sensible nation. This would involve getting rid of the “Green” ministers, only there to make up Sturgeon’s numbers and none of them actually Scottish.

  2. I, too, was delighted to hear of Fishy’s resigntaion. What did she know that we are only beginning to hear about?

  3. The whole world is going bonkers, last year it was Westminster, this year it is Scotland, every year is the US.
    It seems that lies, corruption and deceit are now the main ingredients of modern politics, or was that always the case?
    We need a revolution, but most people are far too dumbed down for that to happen. They would soon be made quiet and shut down with next virus scare.
    Being quite old has its advantages.

  4. From what I’ve gathered, it was not a matter of principle or even desire to live a normal life, but of jumping before you’re pushed. It’s a bit like Jacinda in New Zealand. The writing was on the wall, and her misdeeds and miscalculations were catching up with her. If she left, she could escape with a modicum of dignity intact. I remember John Mackie’s narrations of Perthshire and its decline under the misrule of the SNP. Many people who were working there were almost apologetic about the state of things. By most accounts, it’s only got worse since.

    I rather doubt that the other fish will be able to make much of a return. His day has come and gone. He might regain some of his former presence, but the SNP, Greens and Alba will be cannibalising an ever-shrinking plurality of the vote.

    Gaz: Being the only one here in my 30s, I can say that my declining health is coming as a relief.

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