‘Depressed’ Ferret Still on Run After Fleeing Siberian Circus

A headline I couldn’t resist posting from the Moscow Times – blatant C&P!

The hunt continued Sunday for a “depressed” ferret who escaped Disney-style from a Chita circus along with a monkey and a red-breasted parakeet last week.  Hopes were raised Friday that the ferret had been found when Chita resident Ivan Burtsev found a ferret on a city street near the Zabaikalye hotel the night before and brought it to the local zoo. Continue reading “‘Depressed’ Ferret Still on Run After Fleeing Siberian Circus”

It’s an age thing

Over on what has become ‘the dark snide’, the omnipresent anti-Islamic element continue to propagate their tedium. I have to support their right to do so and am not obliged to read any of it. However, there is an occasional post that raises some ‘real issues’ and, in this case, some amusing responses. In all honesty I have to say that I find it necessary to curtail my emotional reactions, which are engaged by such posts, before I can engage in a rational reaction. The post in question is 67% of Britons want the burqa banned by riteway. Continue reading “It’s an age thing”

A very European road to perdition -revisited!

In January 2011 I wrote ”A very European Road to Perdition’, which I posted on the ‘dark side’. The article was taken from the ‘Daily Reckoning’ web site. As this site gives out financial advice, my inherent cynicism of human sincerity and merit clouded my views on its veracity. At the time there was a critical comment on my view that contributors to the site were ‘snake oil salesmen’. I now think quite rightly so and withdraw, with some reservation, my comment about ‘snake oil salesmen’. However, I keep my view that politicians are ‘snake oil salesmen’. I’m with Diogenes in the adage that “It takes a wise man to discover a wise man” , and await my epiphany.

Here is my dark side post – revisited.  Bill Bonner writing from Paris for the ‘Daily Reckoning’ claimed that the US road to bankruptcy is running parallel to France. He stated that; Continue reading “A very European road to perdition -revisited!”