January 14th – a brief nature report, for near Oxford, UK

Today when I opened the curtains at about 8:45, I was greeted with white scenery. A hoar frost had covered everything and as the sun came up it made a wonderful sight. Soft yellowed light, long shadows. But no photos. I hadn’t had my first cup of tea.

Later, after Scout’s Judo run and a little light shopping we came back at about mid-day to find the little garden in our communal driveway still in shade and therefore still frosted.

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Rockall. Malin. Dogger. Finisterre.

Mock orange flowers
shine white in the dark storm light
restless in the wind

The grey storm clouds surrounded us yesterday evening, but only  a few drops fell.  The wind has been blustery. The moon was hiding. Today has been changeable, and very wet at times (especially when I planned to repoint the patio)
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