Images In Comments

With the Chariot’s new template, there has been a significant change in this department.

Please forget everything I told you about using the HTML IMG tag, which was the preferred method in the old Chariot.   Doesn’t work here, gets thrown out and replaced by a great big nothing.   To be strictly accurate, WordPress recognizes it to begin with, but the template then leaps in like a bikie with a hangover and throws a wobbly – exit piccie!

Now for the good news.   If you enter just the complete url of the image, on its own line with nothing else present on that line, the system will happily include the picture in your comment, making its own mind up about size and alignment.   Most times, it does it pretty well and your image even gets resized again automatically when you view it on your smart mobile.   If you have one. 😎

PS: The image can be anywhere on the web, but it’ll probably be safest if you upload it to the Media Library. Once it’s uploaded, click on edit (in the Library entry) and you’ll find its url which you can copy and paste into your comment. But you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to – any valid url will work.