Raindrops keep falling on my head…

I have been Sunday working today, and when I got up at 7.15 am, bleary eyed, the sun was out. I woke up properly as I had my first cuppa….

I picked this from my garden yesterday, and snapped it this morning, back-lit by the promise of a beautiful day….

by the time I left the house an hour later, I had already seen rain and above there were very heavy clouds. I remembered to check that both the raincoat and umbrella were safely in the car, just in case. Continue reading “Raindrops keep falling on my head…”

What’s the weather like? Photo competition 29

I have been away, in the sun. How wonderful. But back in the UK last night I’m had to put on long trousers, a jumper and my socks plus slippers, while I browsed the holiday photos.
It was actually dry as we landed at Heathrow yesterday afternoon, but we’d only been home half an hour when the drizzle started. Then the drizzle turned heavier and the possibility of cutting the rather lush grass turned into an impossibility.

Hey ho.

We stayed in the mountains up behind Nice, high up, in a small village. It was so beautiful. This was the view, on the first morning, which was a little cloudy. After the second day the clouds cleared.

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June Drops

My garden is battered, wet and lush. Luckily I put in plenty of stakes early on, but even so so extra support work is needed after yesterday’s wind. All the trees looked as though they were madly auditioning for a ‘because I’m worth it,’ hair tossing competition and this morning there are plenty of tattered green shreds on the ground.

For the photo competition

This afternoon my friend has her garden open in a village near Cheltenham – a whole group of them are open, which would be wonderful on a quintessentially warm June afternoon. Grey skies won’t pull the crowds. Continue reading “June Drops”