Waiting for Summer

Well, what a frustrating few days… with no access to WordPress! Thank you to everyone who emailed suggestions to me, and in particular to Tilly who posted about the problem and through this found an email address to try. What ever action it was that solved the problem, it now seems I am back.

Here’s Pippi under the wheelbarrow after the man with the noisy machine had gone. The grass looks awful as it has just been scarified! Continue reading “Waiting for Summer”

April – a busy month

This month I have mainly been working (the paid variety) managing those about to take GCSE and A levels, gardening and trying to keep up with the challenge of writing a poem a day, among other things…. there’s a major garden project going on and normal life to keep up with…. a woman’s work is never done.

The blossoms are suffering from  the heavy rains and high winds….

Wet, windy weather
clusters of blossom blown down
fragile button-holes

girls in dancing clothes
pick up the battered blossoms
to put in their hair

the cat, exhausted
from chasing whirlwind petals
lazily stretches

For the National Poetry Writing Month, NaPoWriMo, which you can find here


Now I see the photo competition is ‘growing’ I shall be getting the camera out in the next few days, given that we get some good light…..

Frozen milk

We woke to the telephone. Being the first day of half term no-one had to be anywhere at any particular time and Cyclo decided that a bike ride was out of the question, so we hadn’t set the alarm. It seems the plumber had been up for hours and it was before 9am. I suppose it wasn’t surprising since the temperature was pretty low last night, down to -14c in some places. Anyhoo, the plumber was ringing as I had left a message last night – for a leak unrelated to the cold. The shower pump – again.

I got up and bought in the milk which had frozen and spilled out into small globules on the doorstep, then took a tray of tea back up to bed, where it was warmer.

Pippi-long-Stocking, the cat, enjoyed eating the milk globules Continue reading “Frozen milk”

A brisk walk

A walk this afternoon: briskly striding around the village with Cycloman. I want to be with him. On Monday I had news of a friend who died, leaving his wife and family and the sadness of it all is with me.

I see a red rose: in January, is this the last rose of 2011 or the first of 2012? The sun is already going down at about half past three and alters the colour of the photograph. There were three roses on this briar.

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Talking of fan clubs

The little tyke won’t leave me alone at the computer, and tries to catch the cursor as it moves around the screen. My eldest is calling me ‘mad cat woman’ as I talk to the cat gently about what it is allowed and not allowed to do…

So what I really need now, to distract from the cat is a good caption competition. Does anyone have a good photo for a quick-fire round?




Smitten by a kitten

Well, considering I wasn’t too bothered about a new cat, not yet anyway, I have been knocked sideways by this little bundle. Here she is (no we still are not sure, but I seem to feel she is a she) on our previous, much missed cat’s chair, quite bold now, though a little out of focus!

and five minutes later asleep

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