Charlie boy, you’ve got it wrong

You have invited your ill-mannered, spoilt, ignorant, brain-dead younger son and his ‘B’ grade actress wife and yet you have the temerity to snub your ex-sister-in-law by omitting her from the guest list.

You are not half the man that your mother was; you are a disgrace, Sir!

Coronation? You should abdicate immediately before you are abolished and sent to join Harry in The Tower.

O tempora, O mores . . .

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

8 thoughts on “Charlie boy, you’ve got it wrong”

  1. Are you referring to Sarah Fergusson? My memory is weak on sister-in-laws. My view is that this is Charles’s day and he can choose who he likes to celebrate with.

  2. Harry in the Tower! What a great idea, Bearsy. They’re certainly going to have to think of somewhere to keep him when Markle turfs him out.

  3. I don’t necessarily agree with all of Bearsy’s thoughts – but I think it a shame that Fergie wasn’t invited.

    Apparently, there is no way that as many people can now be accomodated in Westminster Abbey as were there for EII’s coronation. “Elf ‘n’ Safety” rules now apply even to Coronations! So some people have to be disappointed.

    I believe that many politicians are bewailing the fact that they cannot take their wives along. Tough!

    I’m not too sure, Sheona, that MM will turf Harry out. She has a lot to lose, especially if as is rumoured, Anne is keeping a strong hand on his trust funds…

  4. It’s actually simple. Fergie isn’t going to throw her toys out the pram because she wasn’t invited. She is also no longer a royal, she’s the ex-wife of the least popular royal. Harry, for better or worse, is a natural-born son of the reigning monarch. By keeping them apart during the coronation — and keeping Hazno under close watch — he can’t get up to as much mischief. He will, however, only be a spectator. He will not play a role, and he will be subjected to booing and harassment. He will be as well-received as Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris at a childcare centre.

  5. One thing Charlie has got right is his refusal to “reach out” to Harry and Meghan as regards their “near catastrophic” car chase. Or to put it bluntly their staged attempt to imitate the late Diana’s really catastrophic car chase. None of the passengers in the taxi were wearing seat-belts despite NYC regulations. Was this your stupid attempt to make it all seem authentic, Harry? All you and Markle have done is make yourselves even less credible world-wide. Why should anyone “reach out” to a pair of clowns like you?

  6. Sheona: Hear, hear! The taxi driver said that he wasn’t really all that bothered. In short, they’re talking shite. I do hope they continue. After all, with each stupid moment, their credibility grows even more shot.

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