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What a shame

Phil the Bubble is retiring

War hero, constant companion and consort to Good Queen Bess, founder of his great eponymous awards scheme and all round good bloke, the Duke of Edinburgh is finally retiring from public life at the grand old age of 96 (he is retiring after his birthday).

If anyone deserves a good retirement it is he, but there is only one downside. I will miss all of his off the cuff remarks and jokes that so upset the snowflakes of this world. I hope some other public figure picks up his baton!!  🙂

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Sorry, Ms Fishy

I commiserate with our Scottish friends on the Chariot about the Calcutta Cup result, Scotland were not that bad but England were awesome. While, I have every sympathy with most Scots I can only say, ” How do you like that you ‘orrible ‘arridan of a Wee Poisonous Scottish Witch? Have you seen the price of oil recently? Please forget any thought of a second referendum”.

Mrs FEEG, who is half Scottish, is bigging up her English half today!  🙂

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Phony Tony is at it again

Tony Blair is bleating on about how Brexiteers did not know what they were voting for in the referendum and should reconsider their vote. Apart from the fact that most Brexiteers knew exactly what they were voting for, in spite of Project Fear and all the other dark propaganda, it is too late now.

What a horrible man he is and no wonder he made sure the death penalty was no longer available for treason. Does he not realise that he has become one the most hated people in the UK and that anything he supports is likely to lose support amongst normal human beings?

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My Alter Ego

This is about John Dalton, my alter ego. The London Science museum is celebrating the 250th anniversary of his birth, as described here .

As you can see from the text, he was Four-eyed, he was English, and he was, most definitely, a genius.

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Our patriotic media

Today is Victory in Europe or VE Day.

Have our Glorious Peoples’ Patriotic media mentioned it? Not a chance in any form I have seen.  Still, with any luck there will be another VE Day to celebrate on June 23rd

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Pet peeves

I know how much greengrocers apostrophe’s  wind some people up, but I, too, have a pet peeve.

Whenever a pet, wild or farm animal is referred to in a magazine article, newspaper item or TV programme, the animal is referred to as “it”. This in spite of the pet having a name like “Fred” or “Bella”. I know it is quite possible that said pet might have been “done”, but surely they could be afforded the dignity of being addressed by their original gender.

Even more ridiculous is when a rampaging, escaped bull is described as “it” despite the very obvious evidence that the bull is a “he”!

It does annoy me. Anyone else got a similar pet peeve?

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I am back

I do not suppose too many of you have been missing my words of wisdom after the last few days of disaster but I have not been adding much to the Chariot as I have been a bit busy. First I had a birthday, a rather special one that involves you having to renew your driving licence in the UK. The celebration also involved many relatives and friends from around the country and from further afield, such as the US of A. Having recovered from all the celebrations, Mrs FEEG and I went on a long city break to Belfast.

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Supernatural omens??

Over the weekend, two events indicated that the natural order of things had gone awry. Do these indicate a supernatural phenomenon, or is there a more rational explanation?

Firstly, the Welsh beat the English at Twickenham in the Rugby World Cup. Most unnatural. Secondly, at about three o’clock in the morning, the moon appeared in the sky to have turned dark red and was exceedingly dim.

The first is explained by the fact that the Welsh played the game and the ref better than the English.

The second was explained by the phenomenon known as Corbynisation!!!

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Loony Tunes, or something like them.

A friend of mine has just pointed out that, after the Labour leadership elections, the party is now led by Tom and Jerry. That seems appropriate, somehow! 🙂

I dislike all modern politicians intensely, as you may have gathered!!

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A right old mix-up

I see that the latest controversy on the Great British Bugger Off is that they have swapped the KitchenAid Artisan food-mixers for Kenwood ones in the big tent. While Mrs FEEG swears by (and sometimes at) her Artisan, I cannot see that this really makes a lot of difference. Mary Berry is still an annoying old dear, Paul Hollywood still deserves a bit of a slap, and the contestants are still fairly weird. Some nice, but sometimes overcomplicated,  breads, cakes, pies and pastries result from the contest, though.
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