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Gimme a break

May 26, 2017 5 comments

Is there anything these people won’t endorse ?


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Status Update

May 24, 2017 14 comments

The Chariot has now moved past a bit miffed, and is approaching really rather pissed off.

As a result, our security status has been raised to keep a weather eye open; chariots have been refitted with military-grade scythes, and the censor has been released from protective custody.   Any post or comment which offers – however subtly – support for the cult of murderous medieval misfits will be immediately dematerialised.

No adverse postings are anticipated, but better safe than sorry.

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Sound Analysis.

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Oh Dear, Oh Dear!

Well then, as to that qualifying as the social wedding event of the year of the would be members of ‘society’, I can only observe, God help society!

It appeared to be a motley collection of those with more money than sense or taste and those minor royalty who would attend the opening of an envelope.  Don’t some of them even own a mirror?  I’ve seen better looking hats on Wurzel Gummidge in fields!  The aristocracy were notably absent.

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Spot the mistake.

May 19, 2017 8 comments


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Quotes of the week.

May 16, 2017 1 comment

This week I came across three quotes which stick stick in my mind. The first two are from George Orwell’s novel ‘Burmese Days’ which I am re reading after twenty + years, and the third is from Peter Hitchens’s Mail on Sunday Blog. They’re connected only tenuously.


The British Empire is simply a device for giving trade monopolies to the English, or  rather gangs of Jews and Scotchmen.

Booze as the cement of Empire

But in the schools, the universities and most of the public sector, the wild Marxist Cultural Revolution quietly continues its long march through the institutions.


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The shocking truth about police corruption in Britain

May 11, 2017 5 comments

The following is an extract from an article in The Spectator,   Click on this linky thing to read the whole article.   [Prasutagus]

It’s a growing problem. But they’re hunting whistleblowers instead

Neil Darbyshire
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You couldn’t invent it. Corbyn’s car runs over BBC Cameraman

May 11, 2017 1 comment

The following is a link to an article in The Metro.   [Prasutagus]

New video shows moment Jeremy Corbyn’s car ran over BBC cameraman

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Trump had no choice but to fire Comey

May 10, 2017 21 comments

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For Oz

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