Hillarys Boat Harbour…

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I decided I’d had enough of job searching and resumes today.  I took myself off to Hillarys Boat Harbour, this is a marina with cafes, restaurants, shops and the ferry terminal for Rottnest.

I started with an iced coffee and a strawberry tart, which was refreshing and delicious, but painful to the waistline.  So, I went back to the car and grabbed the camera. 

I did a tour starting at the restaurants, around to the jetty for the ferry and full circle to the apartments and mooring facilities.   I could enjoy working in these surrounding….now there’s a thought!

Four and twenty MPs..

Sing-a-song-a ten quid, a pocket full of change,

Four and twenty MPs decided to be strange,

‘Open and more honest’

Is all they had to say

What a sadly state it is, the rest don’t want to play!

Cameron in his wisdom, wants rid of policies,

Members of the public, worn down to their knees

The power and corruption….

Really can’t get any worse,

Bar four and twenty MPs, they’re all a bloody curse.

(I’ll get me coat)….!!!!

Skipping work…

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One of the benefits of working from home, is I can up and go when I like, so last week, I decided to do a Val and disappear out for two afternoons with my camera.

Tomato Lake is about 20 minutes drive from home, and is a wonderful spot, in a kind of funny location.  Down the road is Belmont Forum shopping centre, and a few kilometres further are the domestic and international airports.  Yet the wildlife seems plentiful and extremely varied.

Lake Monger is a little further from home and in a suburb with large and expensive houses.  It was all very peaceful, and like many others I took a cool drink, some sarnies for lunch, found a bench to sit on and enjoyed the sunshine for a few hours.

Main intention for this was to practice the slideshow, and see if I’d followed Boadicea’s excellent instructions correctly…here goes!

Monkey Mia for Bilby

Monkey Mia Dolphin

Monkey Mia is approx 700kms north of Perth.  My last visit in 2008, was a very different experience to my first trip in 1990.  The resort (which it now is) boasts air conditioned villas, restaurant and bar.  Previously it was a campsite, on the basis of BYO tent, or hire an oven, although I think they described them as caravans!

Whilst being far more regimented regarding the interaction with the dolphins, being a five star accommodation kind of girl, I prefer the way it is these days.

If you happen to be over this way, have the time, and the desire for a little peace and quiet, I can highly recommend the place.  Take plenty of sun block and reading matter and you’ll have a ball….

Bit about me…

Just a few bits of background, as I said on Rick’s post, I have been reading these pages for a while, so get the impression you all ‘know’ each other fairly well, so seems only fair I say a bit.  Not that the bit will be interesting…

I am female, I live in Perth, Western Australia…I was one of the privileged that attended the whole 49 minutes of play on the fourth day of the Ashes match at the WACA the other week….At least that match had the right result..! Continue reading “Bit about me…”