How to join

All that is needed for you to start commenting on Boadicea’s Chariot is to register with WordPress, and then log in.

It is very quick and easy to register, but you will need to provide a valid e-mail address.   This address won’t be visible to most people, but when you make a comment or post on any WordPress blog, it will be visible to the Administrator of that blog.   WordPress will send you an e-mail to validate the address.   Make sure you click on “Just a username, please”, unless you want your own site.

Once you’re registered, WordPress gives you a profile, a ‘Dashboard’ and some other goodies.  You can upload an avatar, if you like.

The first comment you make will be held for review (automatically, this step can’t be bypassed), but once it’s been approved all subsequent comments from you will be published immediately with no intervention from anyone.

If you request it in a comment, your status will be upgraded to “Author” so that you can publish your own posts, and upload piccies should you want to.   The support pages will tell you all about the four different categories of user.   Your posts will be published as soon as you press the button.   Be careful to make sure that you post in Boadicea’s Chariot and not on your own WordPress blog, if you have one.

Your will find lots of facilities in your Dashboard, although it takes a little while to find your way around.