Fun Factoids

How do I get back to the Home Page – there isn’t a Home icon anywhere that I can see?

Quite right, there isn’t.   Click on the site’s title or its masthead picture and the Chariot’s genie will transport you home.

What is the city in the Chariot’s Masthead?

Brisbane seen from the lookout point on Mt Coot-tha. In the local Aboriginal language, kuta is the word for honey, so Honey mountain is a reasonable translation.   Everyone calls it Mt Coot-tha, though.

What does Hic Leges Icenorum Observantur mean?

Latin scholars will need no explanation, but a colloquial rendering would be When Boadicea says “Jump!”, you jump.

How about Fiat justitia ruat caelum?

Though the sky fall, justice shall prevail.   In other words, if you don’t jump on command, you’re cactus (that’s Strine for dead as a dodo).

More pearls of wisdom will be posted as they occur.