I know what I am

Why do so many Politians have a problem with defining what a woman is? I’m pretty sure that they would have no problem with defining what a man is.

So why do they stutter and stammer when they are asked to define ‘a woman’?

Well first of all they might like to remember that approximately 50% of the human race are born with XX chromosones, with female genitalia and the ability to incubate another generation.

Men are born with XY chromosones, with male genitalia and, apart from a one-off action, have little to do with furthering the survival of the human race.

And no amount of later intervention can change the XX and XY chromosones. We are what we are – however much the medical proffession changes our bodies.

These ‘politicians’ and mainly-male-trans-right activists might also like to recall that it isn’t until a feotus is 6 weeks old that the Y chromosone kicks in to turn a feotus into male…

… as one (male) genetisist I read said: “men are simple genetically modified women”.

What a devastating thought that must be to those males who for centuries have thought they are the ‘Kings of Creation’ and have treated women as second-class citizens.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t care if men want to live their lives as women or vice versa.

But I do mind if people with XY chromosones assert that they should be treated exactly the same as those of us with XX chromosones just because they ‘think’ they are female.

A lot of people ‘think’ they are aliens, or Napolean Bonaparte – how long will it be before we must all affirm their fantasies?


I know I didn’t get around to wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. But I hope you all had whatever suited your particular desires and needs.

And I know I’m a couple of days late in wishing you all a Happy New Year, but I hope that 2023 will bring you whatever you want.

Looking at the celebrations around the world, I find it wonderful that so many, many people are so optimistic…

Warning! Some may find this post offensive!

A very wise contributor to this forum recently said:

“I’m convinced that the best way to gauge the temper of the times in any particular place is to live there oneself’ “

He is absolutely right. And so I hope that he will understand that I am writing as someone who has lived in two countries that are not in the U.S.A – but are independent, democratic countries who elect their own Prime Ministers to do the bidding of their electorates.

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Keep Safe, Keep in Touch

I sent that message to all those friends and relatives I owed e-mails to last week. I’m usually a dreadful correspondent – but I wanted the odd e-mail to let me know how they were coping.

You have become ‘friends’ over the time the site has been running, even though I have only met a few of you.

So I send this message to you all: keep safe, keep smiling, and please put a one word message or even a long rant to let us know how you doing.

India Part 2

One point I’d like to make for those interested in going to India is the very high level of security almost everywhere and not just at tourist centres and airports. Every hotel we stayed in had walk-through security, most scanned any large parcels that we took into the building and our handbags were searched.

At Delhi airport no one is allowed inside the building unless they are actually flying or has vetted authority to be there. So our taxi driver was only allowed to take us to the entrance and we were met the other side by an authorised person to help us book in.

Our tourist guide was regularly stopped by the police and asked to show his papers. But, I do have to say, all the security checks were carried out with a smile.

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Russia & Poland

I returned from a four week ‘vacation’ in Russia and Poland some five weeks ago.

I use the word ‘vacation’ advisedly – it was pretty hectic in places and I suffered from jet-lag, loss of the adrenaline I generated to keep going, and then had to acclimatise to the freezing weather here in Brissie.

So why did I choose these destinations?

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