Who can do what?


To access The Chariot, visitors must be logged into WordPress.   They may make comments, but their first comment will not appear until a Chariot member approves it.   Thereafter, their comments will appear straight away.

Their comments can only be text – images are not allowed.


Authors can make comments (which can include images and videos) and can create new posts.

The author of a post is its owner, and as such the author can edit the post and can edit any comments that anyone adds, including his own.  An author can delete his post.

An author cannot do anything to another author’s post or any of the comments it contains, not even his own comments.

It’s worth repeating – an author can do anything to a post that he has created and the comments (if any) that it may contain, but can do absolutely nothing to any other author’s post.

It makes sense if you think about it – honestly!

Most Charioteers are Authors


Editors can do anything to anyone’s content (posts and comments and so on), but cannot change the site’s structure.   Currently, only one Charioteer has Editor status – Soutie.


Can do everything and anything to the site.   The Chariot has two Administrators – Boadicea and Prasutagus.


The Owner pays the bills and is the guy who gets kicked by WordPress if the site does anything naughty.   Poor Prasutagus. 😢


WordPress has other types of user, such as Contributor, but the Chariot does not.