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Happy New Year

December 31, 2013 10 comments

Although not a regular visitor any more, I do have fond memories of the old MyT site that morphed into Boadicea’s Chariot and some of the folk that used to inhabit it, some of whom are still posting on here. I would like to wish each and every one of you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

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Bush Fires

October 22, 2013 10 comments

Probably been done in which case forgive me. Although I have not posted here for some time the news from Australia regarding the terrible fires has turned my mind to some of the folk who live there and post on here. All I can say is you are in my thoughts and stay safe.

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October 11, 2012 15 comments

I cannot admit to being an expert on Australian politics but I know a pair of balls when I see them and Gillard has a pair. As I’m typing this I realise that very remark could be taken as sexist but it is not my intention, we are all grown ups here and you know what I mean with that remark. I know not whether Gillard is left, right, middle or whatever but she stood up for herself and in my opinion absolutely destroyed the leader of the opposition, she certainly wiped the smile of his face that was in place as she started to rip into him. Politics is a dirty game wherever it is played and I’m sure she has thrown a few low balls in her time (there’s that word again) but I just have to admire the way she stood up and let rip. I did not see a response from him as I had to crack on with other things and I know from reading comments in the past on here that she is not the most popular politico around, but then again which politico’s are, except perhaps the Blessed Saint Boris of Stratford, perhaps he gave as good as he got, I dont know, but strip the politics out and what are you left with? A gutsy performance which will long be remembered.

By the way, hi folks.


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Happy New Year

January 3, 2012 7 comments

Mrsoldmovie and I are just back from a state visit to Orlando, semi private/semi working, been manic and it’s getting busier upon our return. I don’t wish to start the round of I wish you, you wish me etc but please accept my very best wishes to all of you for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.
I will try and post a bit more than last year but at my time of life I should not complain if I’m kept busy.

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Change One Word

August 10, 2011 6 comments

Police Force from Police Service.

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Bulldog Drummond

April 22, 2011 10 comments

I have just stumbled across some old movies based on the character Bulldog Drummond, created by H.C McNeile MC (Sapper). I was so taken by the character of Drummond, an early version of James Bond, that I have downloaded a collection of the books and am thoroughly enjoying myself reading of his exploits. What has prompted this blog is the wording from a scene in the book where Bulldog Drummond and an American detective are laying in wait for the criminal Mr Big to put in an appearance. Here it is and bear in mind this was written in 1920.

‘One can only hope to Heaven that we’re in time,’ returned Hugh (Drummond) ‘Damn it man,’ he exploded, ‘surely the police must know of this’!
The American closed his eyes still more.
‘You English police know most things, but you’ve sort of got some peculiar laws in your country.’ the more scurrilous a man is, the more he talks bloodshed and riot, the more constables does he get to guard him from catching cold.’

Can you see why is passage struck home to me? There is nothing new under the sun, is there.

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April Writing Competition

April 14, 2011 6 comments

Not been able to post as have been under the cosh a bit, things should settle soon.
Anyway, unless I’m not looking in the right place I don’t see any takers for the April Writing Competition and here we are halfway through the month, was it something I said?

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April Creative Writing Competition

April 2, 2011 26 comments

Wow! What a start to the weekend and having seen the other entries a bit of a surprise. So many thanks to The Royalist for giving me the ultimate thumbs up and for setting such interesting parameters, I only hope I can follow in such illustrious footsteps.

Now I know there are some techie bits involved in putting this on the proper part of the site but can kind soul prevail please as I have suddenly come under a lot of pressure work wise and will be going like the clappers for a few days.

To the Competition itself. I think it fair to keep the limit of 2000 words in place, this keeps everything nice and tight, tickles the little grey cells and prevents our hard drives filling up with the equivalent of the collected works of Shakespeare. The closing date for entries will be the last day of April. Read more…

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March Creative Writing Competition

March 3, 2011 9 comments

There were not many newly installed world leaders who, when told the secret, ended up with a smile on their face, in fact, non did. Some of them aged almost overnight while others took it on the chin and just got on with things. A few, a very few, ignored the warnings given at the first briefing and paid for it with their lives. The first was Gandhi who was assassinated in 1948, two years after his first briefing and, having decided to ignore the prime directive, was snuffed out.

The next was John Fitzgerald Kennedy who battled long and hard against disclosure and the instructions given to him on a regular basis but in the end, he had to go, and he died.

The last was also the quickest in terms of being elected and then killed. Pope John 1st was elected by the College of Cardinals on August 26th 1978 and was found dead in the Papal bed 33 days later. To date these are the only leaders who have dared to disobey the prime directive since its inception in 1945, this says more about them than those who came after. Read more…

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Answers on a Postcard Please

February 27, 2011 10 comments

Any Idea what these ‘pods’ are? They remind me of one of my favourite sci-fi films, ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers.’

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