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March 2, 2010 40 comments

Following a Rolfing session in New Paltz, New York today, I stopped for a bento box at one of the few authentic Japanese restaurants around, also in New Paltz.  In their entryway were an assortment of brochures from local intrepeneurs, charities, arts orgs and schools.   One was the informational brochure of a hypnotist.

I made an appointment with him for Wednesday the 10th.

Volume two of Mesmerized will follow…

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The Art of Debate

February 12, 2010 18 comments

I read this phrase yesterday; “…the art of debate…”

Where is the art in debate?

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Adrift in Cyberland: a bloggette

February 9, 2010 122 comments

Hello, all.

Oh how the MyT has fallen.

I expect that’s been used already.

I hope you all are well.  I am experiencing MyT DTs this morning and happy to have this outlet frequented by MyT graduates to look in and comment on.  Thank you for that word of welcome yesterday,  Bearsy.  Lurking feels somehow sneaky to me in this venue, thus this post.   What a shock to find my account closed and so many efforts at poems and memoirs wiped.  Gone.  O woe.  That OldTom was deleted too should cinch the notion that these latest deletions have nothing to do with content of posts, I would think.  Otherwise I would be searching for reasons why I should have been X-ed!

Oh well.   Tired news to many of you, I’m sure.  If anyone is commenting at MyT today, a suggestion that people should document any blogs they don’t want to lose would probably be a community service  – transfer blogs to computer files!

I am unable to find the right word for this limerick – if anyone would like to choose a two-syllable noun for the blank space, have at it…

O how the MyT has fallen
Just a spammer’s playground now, my dahlin’.
To whomever’s in charge:
May your ________ grow large;
Your garden be but  ragweed pollen.



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