Stained Glass

It was sunny yesterday, but I spent most of it inside, making the beginnings of a stained glass panel, using the appliqué technique. This entails cutting and sticking glass to a clear piece of glass and then grouting it, much like the grouting on a mosaic, rather that edging with lead.

I arrived with a rough sketch and then made the sketch into the working diagram…

IN the end I realised I had been far too ambitious… those long lines of yellow were difficult to cut and I didn’t have enough time to finish

So I shall have to go back next week and see if I can complete the project!

It is sunny again today. IS this Summer, at last?

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

5 thoughts on “Stained Glass”

  1. Good Luck with your project! It reminded me of a window that Bearsy and I see when we go up the coast for lunch!

  2. What a picture on that link!!
    (I’m itching to get back to it, but have to wait until next Saturday…..there’s a couple of colours I’d like to change,,,)

  3. Have to say it is not a technique that I admire. I think it is a poor travesty of proper stained glass with the lead.
    Surely it is the contrast of the lead that makes it what it ought to be.

  4. Fairy nuff, Christina.

    This technique can produce very effective results and it allows the novice to try cutting and shaping the glass and designing a small piece without huge expense. Once grouted the piece has the contrast of black against the lighted glass. And it is not pretending to be leaded stained glass.

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