Gorge de Verdon

The scenery in Southern France around the mountains above Nice is fantastic. High mountains, rivers, gorges, villages perched on high cliffs – all so perfectly photogenic!

We had several days out, but my favourite was probably the day we walked along the Gorge de Verdon

Firstly we drove to the top to look at the view. The colour of the water gave the gorge its name.

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Driving in France

We rarely argue, but one thing that can set us off is driving. I get travel sick and can’t navigate from a map when moving. He’s not a good passenger. The invention of the Sat Nag has, to a certain degree, helped – but when we picked up the hire car at Nice airport I drove, as the Sat Nag refused to work.

So there I was, driving on the wrong side of the road, my feet operating the pedals (which are of course in the same order as they are at home) while my arms were trying to remember that the gear stick is on the right, the opposite side to what I am used to, whilst trying not to make my darling husband too nervous as he issued directions to me, often three times, with increasing volume, sometimes confusing his left and right. You can imagine, therefore that, after an early start (5 am) and little food Continue reading “Driving in France”

Weather or not

Our stay on the Wirral for a couple of nights over half-term was to visit Milly (Mother-in-Law) who wanted on outing. We were lucky really, to choose to go to Bodnant Gardens on the least wet day. It rained before we arrived and just before we left, but in the middle we had overcast skies and occasionally even a little sunshine. (By the time we got to Llandudno  later on, further walking about was out of the question. Wet and windy.Tea and cake seemed the best option.)

Bodnant is rather beautiful. I had never been before, but will certainly want to go again. It was the second place ever left to The National Trust after Hidcote (which is much closer to home, both geographically and in terms of growing conditions.)

Bodnant is on a hill: which made hard work for the wheelchair pushers. The gardens reach down into a river valley and at this time of year are exploding with colour from especially from Azaleas and Rhododendrons and the leaves of various maples. The soil is acid and rich. In these respects the garden is so completely opposite to my own garden conditions (flat aspect, lime based soil, no running water etc etc) that I just know I can never emulate any of the features, except maybe I could grow laburnum…

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Frozen milk

We woke to the telephone. Being the first day of half term no-one had to be anywhere at any particular time and Cyclo decided that a bike ride was out of the question, so we hadn’t set the alarm. It seems the plumber had been up for hours and it was before 9am. I suppose it wasn’t surprising since the temperature was pretty low last night, down to -14c in some places. Anyhoo, the plumber was ringing as I had left a message last night – for a leak unrelated to the cold. The shower pump – again.

I got up and bought in the milk which had frozen and spilled out into small globules on the doorstep, then took a tray of tea back up to bed, where it was warmer.

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A little something for the weekend?


The snow was forecast. We had been warned. And so it was, at about 4pm, a few small flakes fell as I came back from the shops. Not enough to stick. Not at first. But it was pretty cold.

By the time I had come in and made a cup of tea the snow fall had thickened a little: I could see that the bonnet of my husband’s blue car had a coating of icing sugar.

By supper time when we looked out at the patio we saw this

and laid the dining room table.

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January 14th – a brief nature report, for near Oxford, UK

Today when I opened the curtains at about 8:45, I was greeted with white scenery. A hoar frost had covered everything and as the sun came up it made a wonderful sight. Soft yellowed light, long shadows. But no photos. I hadn’t had my first cup of tea.

Later, after Scout’s Judo run and a little light shopping we came back at about mid-day to find the little garden in our communal driveway still in shade and therefore still frosted.

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Time changes everything

I’m writing in a different place now I have a lap top, and Cyclo is working in the office this week. I’m in the dining room with a view of the back garden, rather than upstairs with a view of the front.
So I’m getting a different view of the world when I look up from tapping.

It’s another dull day here most of the day – when it wasn’t raining –  but the afternoon of 1st November was a stunner. I ran out into the garden I took a few shots.

Do you remember this?

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16th Photo Competition

First of all, thanks all for the kind comments. To tell the truth, the pic of the shadow of the tree on the church was an ‘accidental’ shot. You all know me and buildings 🙂 I was shooting pics of the church and discarded this one from the ‘church’ shots because the shadow of the tree distracts a little from the image of the church I was trying to get. I kept it because, despite not being a shot of the church I liked, I did like the actual composition, and when the subject of the competition came along…

I like dogs. I don’t have one of my own because I travel so much and usually live in flats – I don’t think that flats are the right environment or dogs, they need space. That’s why I have a cat, pop her in her travel bag and she goes anywhere. Mind, I do like cats too. You don’t own a cat in the same way that you can own a dog, they’re much too bloody-minded and independent. I always call my cat my owner because that’s how, I’m sure, she sees me 😀

So, the subject of the next competition is ‘Cat!’ (Note the exclamation mark 🙂 )

Entries please by midnight UK time on the 8th Ocotber. (Extra week because I’m probably going to be travelling in the last week of September.)

Creative heads on!

At a snail’s pace….

Cutting through the flex that provides the power for the hedge trimmer is one sure way to slow down the process of hedge trimming… and that’s just what I did just before lunch yesterday. (Luckily for me I wasn’t harmed; the power came though a surge protected socket) Continue reading “At a snail’s pace….”