Parents’ evening

Tonight’s early evening sky had a wash of palest blue, with a flush in places of rose pink, all overlaid with smudges of windswept charcoal.  I watched it change, and as we travelled the blue deepened until it was truly dark.

I noticed this on the way to Scout’s parents ‘student review evening’  just after we had squeezed around the roundabout, avoiding the turning where the ambulance and police cars were acting as an effective road block. By the time we reached school is was completely dark. We commented on how the evenings are really drawing out now.

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Time changes everything

I’m writing in a different place now I have a lap top, and Cyclo is working in the office this week. I’m in the dining room with a view of the back garden, rather than upstairs with a view of the front.
So I’m getting a different view of the world when I look up from tapping.

It’s another dull day here most of the day – when it wasn’t raining –  but the afternoon of 1st November was a stunner. I ran out into the garden I took a few shots.

Do you remember this?

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Autumn colours

While out and about on Saturday with my camera I found that the Autumn is arriving rather earlier than usual here in Oxfordshire, and looking around I have discovered this is due to the rather dry Spring we had here. The soil in my garden is still very dry and lots of growth has died back early, but there’s still a fair bit of colour.

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