Rain rain go to Spain

We are lucky in comparison with so many other places in the UK, in that we don’t have flooding just where I live. But the fields and woods are saturated and squelchy underfoot.
Without much enthusiasm this morning, before the next forecast rain due in about 11 am, I pulled on my walking boots and wrapped a scarf around my neck.


I didn’t have to go far before I stuffed my gloves into the pockets of my jacket, and pulled out the camera


??????????The old man’s beard is so noticeable at this time of the year catching whatever light there is, and shining against the drab hedgerows even on a dull day. Continue reading “Rain rain go to Spain”


It is hard to post after such a disturbing image and situation in highlighted and discussed on these pages, without appearing to be flippant.

So in light of what has happened I plan to go out today with my eyes on nature with renewed awareness that none of us knows what the future holds for us and that we should make the most of each day.

Spring Fever for O Zangado

Spring Fever

I know where the ivy climbs
while lords and ladies
drop in from the fields
and rambling brambles
with nettles entangle.

I notice the goosegrass
clambering through
the Japanese Quince
and see the forget-me-nots
competing with peony shoots.

And I smile wearily
at the dandelions
(with their long tap roots)
as they grin at me knowingly
from their position of strength.

But from where I sit
with the scent of the Daphne drifting
over me I see tulips and cherry blossom
lit up in the Spring sunshine.
I pull on the gardening gloves.

This year I will win.
It has only just begun.
This year a little at a time
the battle between nature
and nurture will be mine.

PS this is not new, only lightly pruned, so it may not qualify for OZ poetry competition

Drippy weather

Fog, frost and no sunshine this morning. The de-frost came quickly, covering the cherry tree in sparkles of light. Even on a dull day, if you look hard you’ll find something beautiful.

Just a thought, but I wondered if we could have a few more categories? Nature and photography spring to mind, but maybe others have a few more ideas?