At a snail’s pace….

Cutting through the flex that provides the power for the hedge trimmer is one sure way to slow down the process of hedge trimming… and that’s just what I did just before lunch yesterday. (Luckily for me I wasn’t harmed; the power came though a surge protected socket)

We are in a corner plot and the hedge that runs between the right hand neighbour and us is a high and wide beast (actually theirs, not ours): half of it is runs at the boundary of our front garden and the rest down the side of the house and at the side of the patio, in the back. I can’t actually reach over the full width of it, even on the top rung of the ladder, with my three-foot blade, so when I’ve finished our side I have to wait until they trim their side before it looks finished!
I was half way down the hedge in the front garden when the power cut happened and I had to resort to stopping for lunch, and other necessary afternoon activities before I could come back, mend the flex with a connector and recommence the trimming. (Actually Cyclo and Techie did the connecting, this time, but when they’d finished ‘the darn thing still won’t work...’ resounded through the utility, resolved by the suggestion that ‘perhaps the fuse had blown too?‘)
By then it was after 4pm and I only had a little while before needing to stop again to get a meal ready. The front is finished. The hedging at the bottom of the garden is finished. So just the high wide beast down the side of the house to tackle now.

In the hedge trimmings I found these, photographed just before the guests arrived for tri-colour salad, with huge beef tomatoes from my friend’s green house, followed by Thai style salmon and sticky rice, then fresh peaches, from same friend’s garden, with Tart au Citron (thank you Tesco’s finest) and lovely ice-cream and double thick cream. And I wonder where my waist has gone….


… we ate outside with outdoor joss sticks burning, giving off a gentle rose aroma…and once it was dark we had the camping gas light.
When Summer’s good in UK, there’s nothing to beat it. Snail’s and all.

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

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