Weather or not

Our stay on the Wirral for a couple of nights over half-term was to visit Milly (Mother-in-Law) who wanted on outing. We were lucky really, to choose to go to Bodnant Gardens on the least wet day. It rained before we arrived and just before we left, but in the middle we had overcast skies and occasionally even a little sunshine. (By the time we got to LlandudnoΒ  later on, further walking about was out of the question. Wet and windy.Tea and cake seemed the best option.)

Bodnant is rather beautiful. I had never been before, but will certainly want to go again. It was the second place ever left to The National Trust after Hidcote (which is much closer to home, both geographically and in terms of growing conditions.)

Bodnant is on a hill: which made hard work for the wheelchair pushers. The gardens reach down into a river valley and at this time of year are exploding with colour from especially from Azaleas and Rhododendrons and the leaves of various maples. The soil is acid and rich. In these respects the garden is so completely opposite to my own garden conditions (flat aspect, lime based soil, no running water etc etc) that I just know I can never emulate any of the features, except maybe I could grow laburnum…

though on a smaller scale.

Here is the house, with the magnificent lily pond.

And here is the waterfall at the bottom of the river valley

and looking down on it:

A good day out!


Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

14 thoughts on “Weather or not”

  1. I have a suspicion from the amount of places I have established laburnum that it well may be ph neutral. So you would be right.
    Lovely pics of a fabulous place.
    When you go back that way make sure you walk up Gt Orme’s Head in Llandudno. if any of you are interested there are many fossil corals in the cliffs.

  2. Laburnum grows around here quite well, ans in fact my soil isn’t all that lime based – it’s fairly neutral. So yes, I could put in laburnum, but I’m running out of places!

    We have been up Gt Orme’s Head, but years ago. It certainly wasn’t the day yesterday! And today it would have been worse. What a wind!!!

  3. I planted two laburnums either side of a gate, trained them and they made a very nice arch in Wargrave. By only allowing a couple of leaders they didn’t take much room at all. I presume you are on the Vale of Oxford? Your picture above of the laburnum at Bodnant is quite splendid, I haven’t been there in years.
    No Hay this year then? Bet you are glad you didn’t bother with the weather, not much better here.
    Talked to my sister yesterday in Barnstaple and she is up on the cliffs above the estuary. Said you couldn’t stand up outside the wind was so bad.

  4. BBQ on Friday evening and a family meal on Sunday, Janus! Glad you like the sandals. πŸ™‚

  5. Ah yes, the Gt Orme, another boyhood haunt of mine. Memories of high winds and wild seas.

  6. Pseu: yes, there is such a thing. It’s not quite as formal a process as a royal honour.
    When someone’s achievements are well-and-widely in their field are well-and-widely honoured
    enough the term is granted. Dames Maggie Smith and Judi Dench, Sir Anthony Hopkins, etc are
    often considered thus.One does not have to be quite as old as them; however.

  7. Definitely weather, Nym!

    You are lucky to have had one day out. I’ve been visiting but no chance of getting out anywhere. I think the weather has been awful, but I haven’t been as far north as you.

    Interesting part of the country, which I haven’t visited since I was a small child, lovely place, Bodnant, I must add it to my ever growing list of places to visit.

  8. As soon as I saw the picture of the laburnum arch I knew that could only Bodnant, just as I remember it. O bought a lovely pink rhododendron bush from there, each flower a perfect little bell.

  9. Hi Rosie, I was tempted to buy as well… but with a non-acidic soil it would have ended in tears!

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