Rain rain go to Spain

We are lucky in comparison with so many other places in the UK, in that we don’t have flooding just where I live. But the fields and woods are saturated and squelchy underfoot.
Without much enthusiasm this morning, before the next forecast rain due in about 11 am, I pulled on my walking boots and wrapped a scarf around my neck.


I didn’t have to go far before I stuffed my gloves into the pockets of my jacket, and pulled out the camera


??????????The old man’s beard is so noticeable at this time of the year catching whatever light there is, and shining against the drab hedgerows even on a dull day. Continue reading “Rain rain go to Spain”


England v Australia, First Test, Trent Bridge, day 3.

The Great RonnieO, master of the game of snooker, always held his hand up when he made an infringement on the cue ball. My tip caressed the white as I was lining up the shot, he would admit. Sadly, not all sportsmen are sportsmen. I am referring to the nasty/clever ( delete where applicable) machinations of one Stuart Broad.

As an England cricket fan, not born and bred more along the lines of nurture, I am appalled by his actions. I’ve never taken to Broad. Skinny frame, film star looks, there was always something of the night about him. He was blatantly out yet stood his ground. At the end of the Test I wonder if he’ll look back on his batting figures with pride. Continue reading “Walk”

Frozen milk

We woke to the telephone. Being the first day of half term no-one had to be anywhere at any particular time and Cyclo decided that a bike ride was out of the question, so we hadn’t set the alarm. It seems the plumber had been up for hours and it was before 9am. I suppose it wasn’t surprising since the temperature was pretty low last night, down to -14c in some places. Anyhoo, the plumber was ringing as I had left a message last night – for a leak unrelated to the cold. The shower pump – again.

I got up and bought in the milk which had frozen and spilled out into small globules on the doorstep, then took a tray of tea back up to bed, where it was warmer.

Pippi-long-Stocking, the cat, enjoyed eating the milk globules Continue reading “Frozen milk”