More holiday snaps…

The main ‘planner of what to do’ while we are on holiday is Cycloman – he’s good at making an itinerary and actually reads the travel guides. (I find I can read the travel guides better after the event, rather than before…. and because of that I’d like to visit a place more than once. The first time to orientate myself and the second to catch up on what we didn’t do the first time)

We only had time for one visit to Nice, and even then did far less than we had hoped. Teenagers don’t like getting up very early, do they?

When we arrived in Nice the first problem was traffic followed closely by parking: we eventually found somewhere in a massive underground car park, affiliated with a huge shopping complex. Being a Sunday in France, I was surprised that the shops were open when we arrived, but as in the UK they have a limited opening time and closed early. As I got out of the car in the parking slot an automated voice told me which pillar we had parked next to, for future reference. It was a truly huge car park: it was painted and decorated and had piped music!

Once we found our bearings we went to the main square.
The main square in Nice (Place Messena) is a huge open area, with a back and white tiled floor and figures high up on poles, which apparently light up at night.

We didn’t see them lit up, as we were only there in the day, but you can see an image here. Continue reading “More holiday snaps…”

Gorge de Verdon

The scenery in Southern France around the mountains above Nice is fantastic. High mountains, rivers, gorges, villages perched on high cliffs – all so perfectly photogenic!

We had several days out, but my favourite was probably the day we walked along the Gorge de Verdon

Firstly we drove to the top to look at the view. The colour of the water gave the gorge its name.

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A summer holiday

I have recently returned from a trip to the UK and Europe. I was gone for 5 weeks. Although it was the depths of winter, the weather was warm (26 deg) and sunny when I left Cape Town. I flew BA into terminal 5 at Heathrow, where I was met by a friend who drove me into London for a spot of breakfast. The great thing about flying that route is that there is no jet lag. Despite the long flight, 12 hours, give or take, the time difference is only one hour and thus one is able to sleep through the night. Even though I am tall, 1.93m, (6’ 4”), I found the leg room to be adequate and though I know it is unfashionable to say so, I rather enjoy airline food. Continue reading “A summer holiday”