Third Photograph Competition of 2014

Thanks to the Judgment of Araminta I have the honour of setting the next subject.

You have to understand that I am just a wee thing obsessed at the moment. I may find on 19 September 2014 that I am no longer a full member of my country of origin.

I’ll still be a UK citizen¬†and able to call myself British¬†until I die but I could have been forced to be a Scottish citizen as well, living on a divided island and sundered from my Southron kith and kin.

Which is why said subject is the Bard. Continue reading “Third Photograph Competition of 2014”

June Photo competition – results

Better late than never.

The finalists for June’s photography competition are (in order of appearance)

Janus, for sharing with us his early morning view of the entrance to his new estate

FEEG, for his snapshot of English construction methods

Araminta for her delightful female gnome and Upper Thames.


FEEG, for his amusing before and after shot of the bedlam in his local street, his picture captured an amusing (for me) take on the subject, well done FEEG.

June photos – Tranquility

Click picture for a larger view

She wouldn’t sleep as a baby, boy did she keep me up at nights. I would always do the late night / early morning stint and you can imagine my joy when she dozed off.

Peace and quiet, tranquility, a moments rest, call it what you will but this picture on the left perhaps depicts my feelings best.

It’s hard to believe that she’s now in her twenties, was it really that long ago?

And that’s what I want from you, cherished colleagues, a picture that perhaps describes tranquility in your life.

It can be a special place in the garden, a room, a chair, a holiday destination or as in my case a ‘special occasion.’ (even a ‘rare moment’ perhaps ;))

As usual I’ll accept multiple entries from participants.

Closing date Saturday June 22nd, any time zone, anywhere in the world, I’ll do the judging on Sunday, have fun and good luck!