Time changes everything

I’m writing in a different place now I have a lap top, and Cyclo is working in the office this week. I’m in the dining room with a view of the back garden, rather than upstairs with a view of the front.
So I’m getting a different view of the world when I look up from tapping.

It’s another dull day here most of the day – when it wasn’t raining –Ā  but the afternoon of 1st November was a stunner. I ran out into the garden I took a few shots.

Do you remember this?

This was one of my early photos experimenting with the macro facility on my camera. It is the centre of a sedum plant, with a droplet of water in it.

And here is the same plant moving into its Autumn phase, taken on 1st November

And here was the cherry tree in winter, before leaves, photo taken for the ‘shadow’ challenge

and here is a drop of water hanging from one if its twigs,in that early wet phase of the year

and on 1st November sun through red leaves against blue skies

Neither are expensive or exotic plants, but they certainly earn their keep throughout the year.

What are the favourites in your garden?

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

13 thoughts on “Time changes everything”

  1. Hi Pseu. I really like your garden images! I wish that I had a camera that could take great pictures like that. I just started my own garden, and am beginning to blog about it. I was wondering if you would mind if I used one of you pictures for either my avatar picture, or for a picture on my blog. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. These are really good photographs, Nym. Striking colours.

    Your title reminds me of a song!

    I love the dramatic colour change of the Virginia Creeper, and the Beech hedge in my garden.

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