Frozen milk

We woke to the telephone. Being the first day of half term no-one had to be anywhere at any particular time and Cyclo decided that a bike ride was out of the question, so we hadn’t set the alarm. It seems the plumber had been up for hours and it was before 9am. I suppose it wasn’t surprising since the temperature was pretty low last night, down to -14c in some places. Anyhoo, the plumber was ringing as I had left a message last night – for a leak unrelated to the cold. The shower pump – again.

I got up and bought in the milk which had frozen and spilled out into small globules on the doorstep, then took a tray of tea back up to bed, where it was warmer.

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A tad nippy

After class (adult-learning evening class) we sometimes used to go to a pub in Summertown called ‘The Dew Drop Inn’ – (what an awful pun) for a glass of a favourite tipple and a debrief: but the name came to mind this afternoon on the way back from work when I stopped for a photo of the trees hung with Christmas decoration style icicles…. I think they caught my eye because of the sun’s position in the sky.

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