January Poetry Competition Results

Apologies for the delay in judging, and thank you to Gazoopi for reminding me.

The January Competition on the theme of Winter Complaints started off well: three excellent contributions from FEEG, Janus and Christopher.

A pity more entries were not forthcoming but thank you to the three who managed to write thoroughly grouchy pomes!

There can be only one winner, unfortunately, so well done Janus, and I must say, I was rather influenced by your apposite illustration.

Long walk to freedom – the Lego edition

Apparently Google have run a competition on behalf of the Nelson Mandela Foundation. YouTube creators had been asked to celebrate Madiba’s legacy in video.

There are three finalists, more on the official Nelson Mandela Foundation page here.

The creators of this video are now canvassing Lego to actually manufacture a Mandela Lego range.

Here are the other two finalists —->

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April 2013 Photography Competition: Dwellings

The theme this time is dwellings: abode, castle, commorancy, den, digs, domicile,dump, establishment, habitat, habitation, haunt, hole in the wall, house, lodging, pad, quarters, or residence.

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Winners, non-winners and losers

I am an epicurean. Or at least that is how I think of myself, based on a quick perusal of the Wikipedia page that deals with epicureanism (not the Freedictionary definition). (It’s a topic I would be happy to pursue if anybody is interested. But that is not what I want to write about just now.) My lifestyle affords me the freedom to visit bookshops and browse a range of publications covering a variety of topics. One such book that I came across today and subsequently purchased, is titled, somewhat confusingly, ’50 Ideas you really need to know the future’.

One of the ideas discussed is that of ‘Gamification’. I confess that when I saw the title I envisaged a discussion on the merits of the hanging of pheasants: 1 day or 7. Of course it was nothing of the sort.   Continue reading “Winners, non-winners and losers”

Just to get the ball rolling in the November Pome Comp

Dear Guido Fawkes, please do us a favour
Give us all something that we can savour.
Come back from the dead if you possibly can.
You failed last time, what now better than
You go to the Crooked House of the Dumb
And blow them all to Kingdom Come!

This is most heartfelt! 🙂