Nature’s pride

A khaki rucksack on his back
Holds his illegal catch
A good nights work, 2 rhino horn,
It’s not yet dawn.

He radios the rendezvous
Plans to meet at half past two
In the distance, he sees the gate
Better not be late

Thoughts turn to his money coming
Jewellery and golden bling
Fancy clothes, nights on the town
What car to own?

A noise, in the middle of night
To his left and to his right
He hadn’t reckoned with Nature’s pride
Nowhere to hide

5 thoughts on “Nature’s pride”

  1. Morning all, thank you for the kind words 🙂

    There was a report earlier this week that already this year 82 rhinos have been slaughtered for their horns, 61 in the Kruger Park alone.

    It was suggested in the news report that a fair number of the poachers are entering the park from the Mozambique side and that some minister or other of ours was going to have talks with her counterpart.

    Part of what I heard here…

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