April 2013 Photography Competition: Dwellings

The theme this time is dwellings: abode, castle, commorancy, den, digs, domicile,dump, establishment, habitat, habitation, haunt, hole in the wall, house, lodging, pad, quarters, or residence.

Any old or even new dwelling would be acceptable. It doesn’t have to be quite as attractive as the one in my photograph! Any old dump would be welcome.

Entries here please or linked to this thread.

Closing date is 26 April before midnight.

19 thoughts on “April 2013 Photography Competition: Dwellings”

  1. Thought you might recognise it Tina.

    Henley reach, between Regatta enclosure and Remenham Club, I think. Lovely house. Just the other side of the wooden bridge on the towpath.

  2. Nice subject / theme.

    Nothing like that around here, I expect my efforts to be perhaps a little less grandiose 😉

  3. Commorancy
    1580–90; commor(ant) residing (< Latin commorant-, stem of commorāns, present participle of commorārī to remain, delay, equivalent to com- com- + morārī to delay, derivative of mora delay) + -ancy

  4. I’ve just returned from a weekend in Port Alfred, here’s where we stayed, thought it apt and a suitable contender for this months competition.

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