mixed bag

Having read and reread the rules to this month’s photo challenge I hereby submit my entry.

The parameters quite clearly state “Fruits – on a twig , stem, branch etc.”

Note, no mention is made that the said fruit have to be on their original tree, twig, stem, branch etc.

I also note that I have to identify them, at the top we have an apple (Golden Delicious, I believe.) Lower down on the left is a lemon and to its right a banana, probably imported all the way from Natal.

5 thoughts on “Fruits”

  1. G’dag, Soutie! As naughty as Tracy’s bed which fetched a couple of million! Y’see, ars gratia artis!

  2. Môre Jay

    Ha ha, it is of course mid winter down here, I’m sure that the judging panel are well aware of this and expected a little ‘creativity’

    I see that Tracy’s bed sold for over 2 mil yesterday

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