Port Alfred

Lucky me, I’ve got two for the price of one for this month’s poetry and photo competitions! I’ve just spent the weekend in Port Alfred.

We headed up the Sunshine coast
one hundred miles away
a river mouth, fishing boats
a three bedroom log chalet

No hussle busssle of city life
pot holed roads, no street lights
me, the kids (of course the wife)
peace and quiet, just what we like

A braai, lamb chops and boerewors
potatoes done in silver paper
Music? Breakers on the nearby shores
from nature’s very own orchestra

3 thoughts on “Port Alfred”

  1. They will build places on sticks like this on the Pacific coast, with the earthquakes and land slips one never quite knows when one’s bed will be floating off!

  2. Morning Mrs O

    This one is just below the crest of the hill. Sheltered from any wind with spectacular views of the Indian Ocean.

    We were blessed with wonderful weather. No hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis in these parts đŸ˜‰

  3. You are lucky!
    we had a look at some of the coastal stuff 10 years ago here. I ran screaming, nothing on earth would have persuaded be to live there. I was right, over the years so many have slipped off down the cliffs into the beach/sea/landslip! Glad you had a nice weekend.

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