Overrated: Google overhead view

Bypassing all its criticisms- invasion of privacy issues, cursor navigational problems, serial killings as they occur- Google street view is a fine application. The ability to teleport to anywhere in the world is Star Trek at your fingertips. Beam me up, I mean, beam me down to Barbados, Scotty.

Where Google comes down to earth is with its overhead view option. This satellite imagery, used often by television news stations, is boring. There’s nothing interesting about the top of something. You won’t hear an actress or a model say “ oh my best feature is the plan view of my head.” Continue reading “Overrated: Google overhead view”

Long walk to freedom – the Lego edition

Apparently Google have run a competition on behalf of the Nelson Mandela Foundation. YouTube creators had been asked to celebrate Madiba’s legacy in video.

There are three finalists, more on the official Nelson Mandela Foundation page here.

The creators of this video are now canvassing Lego to actually manufacture a Mandela Lego range.

Here are the other two finalists —->

Continue reading “Long walk to freedom – the Lego edition”

To Google or not…

There are an estimated one billion Google searches a day, give or take a few million either way. I am delighted to be in the minority of internet users that do not use the search engine’s facility. For the record I also don’t Ask Jeeves or use the other lesser-known singing search machines like Bing, Sinatra or Dean Martin. I am of the opinion that if I am in the dark, I’ll stay there. Where is it said that you need to know everything? Continue reading “To Google or not…”

Google and you

What do you think that these guys know about you?

While reading about their new privacy policy I ended up examining what they think my ‘Ads preferences’ are.

They have me down as –

1) Arts & Entertainment – Comics & Animation
2) Beauty & Fitness
3) Finance – Credit & Lending
4) News – Weather
5) World Localities – Africa – Southern Africa – South Africa Continue reading “Google and you”