January Poetry Competition Results

Apologies for the delay in judging, and thank you to Gazoopi for reminding me.

The January Competition on the theme of Winter Complaints started off well: three excellent contributions from FEEG, Janus and Christopher.

A pity more entries were not forthcoming but thank you to the three who managed to write thoroughly grouchy pomes!

There can be only one winner, unfortunately, so well done Janus, and I must say, I was rather influenced by your apposite illustration.

Spring poetry results

As stimulus packages go, I would like to thank Christopher for reigniting the fun challenges that we set from time to time, his timely coup during February and subsequent quantitative (t)easing has done much to spark renewed activity on these pages.

The March poetry challenge was a simple one, Spring. (entries here)

I would like to thank the cast for their efforts who, in order of appearance are Janus, Low Wattage, Four-eyed English Genius and gazoopi.

There can of course only be one winner, gazoopi for his interesting take on growing old ~ Time

I leave it for ‘Gaz’ to set our next one.


Results of Second Photography Competition

What an amazingly varied and inventive collection of entries from you all!

Wonderful interpretations of the “Transport” theme: bridges, bicycles, trams, narrow boats, taxis, wheel barrows, pony trailers, shanks’s pony, and snail caravans.

Thank you all for your entries, but it did make the job of judging rather difficult.

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June Photo competition – results

Better late than never.

The finalists for June’s photography competition are (in order of appearance)

Janus, for sharing with us his early morning view of the entrance to his new estate

FEEG, for his snapshot of English construction methods

Araminta for her delightful female gnome and Upper Thames.


FEEG, for his amusing before and after shot of the bedlam in his local street, his picture captured an amusing (for me) take on the subject, well done FEEG.


Sorry to be  a little late, but I was called away to lend a hand with a new baby and only returned, rather shattered yesterday : tired but happy.

There were very few entrants to both competitions: in fact only one in the short story section. But what a story, Mr Royal! I’ll never be able to see a giraffe again without thinking of you.
SO, although you had no competitors, you are the worthy winner of the short story competition, and I look forward to a theme set by you for the next round.

There were a few more entrants for the photography side of things – I had expected photographs of little hands clasping larger hands, hands undertaking tasks, such as cooking, knitting, painting…. but no, you had other ideas…

OZ had this contribution: viar amoozing take on the ‘hands’ theme, and viar topical on the equine theme!

Ara posted this a beautifully side lit picture of Alice, Duchess of Suffolk who resides in her resting state in the church where PapaG was Christened, no less!

Christopher posted this, though sadly the hands were not very clear in the size of image.

Last, but not least, JM posted here with a vair amoozing piece, full of puns and several pictures – (the bananas nearly won, hands down, but for the misplaced figure in the background which to my eye spoiled the composition)

But in the end the prize does go to JM for the most unusual take on the theme: the graffiti handwriting of Clarice Cliffe (nee Shorter).

So I  hand the baton to you, John: your turn to set the next photography competition.


Oxfordshire sunset, tonight

Limerick Grand National – results (Judgement Day)

Yes everybody, the waiting is finally over 😉

Who would have thought it? Perhaps the greatest event of our time.

Almost 80 comments on a competition which until now was heading for the doldrums, a dozen runners, all running fairly, no excessive use of the whip, a good clean race. And the winner is……… Continue reading “Limerick Grand National – results (Judgement Day)”

Results of the Revolting Rhymes competition

A good, but short selection of ‘Revolting Rhymes’ for this revival of the poetry competition. Very hard to judge….

Bearsy’s poem (here) was a well told tale of the ‘King’s New Clothes’ with an excellent delayed rhyme scheme and with overtones, to my mind of AA Milne as well and Dahl!

Low Wattage gave us a new version of ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat’ (here) capturing their grief after the wedding excellently, with a couple of ‘in-house’ references, cleverly placed!

Janus made an excellent go of ‘The Tin Soldier’ (here) – though from the comments I read afterwards he had to sort out formatting and do a little post-post- editing, helped in the end by Bearsy! I hate that stanza thing disappearing when pasting in from word! What’s the answer, Old Bear?

John Mackie’s contribution tells the tale of ‘Hansel and Gretel’ (here) with a lovely twist – the addition of Stockholm Syndrome!!! Hilarious.

After thought and consideration I hereby nominate Low Wattage as the winner this time and hand the honour of setting the next competition to him.