You Are My Sunshine

It’s finally arrived here, sunshine that is.  Leaped  from the low 40’s (5C) to the high 80’s (30C) in the space of two days, no Spring, one day Winter, next day Summer.  Actually it’s  91  (33C)   as we speak.

So the theme for the April Poetry comp. must be SUNSHINE.  Any form and length, what a blessing it is to have sunshine again , it’s been a long winter.

Closing date?  Let’s say April 30, midnight somewhere.

Commissioning the boat so I’m off back to the bilges for a while.


Author: Low Wattage

Expat Welshman, educated (somewhat) in UK, left before it became fashionable to do so. Now a U.S. Citizen, and recent widower, playing with retirement and house remodeling, living in Delaware and rural Maryland (weekends).

15 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine”

  1. Memphis used to do that. The best we ever recorded was a 50F jump in one DAY!
    It was Christmas sometime in the 70’s. |It was below freezing with frost on the ground in the morning and by the time we had a party in the afternoon it was hitting 80 and we wished we hadn’t closed down the pool!
    Incredibly enervating or maybe I’m just too northern latitudinous!!!
    Here it is now raining, and raining and raining!
    Have a happy boating season.

  2. Here’s a little something to be going on with:


    I wanted so much to be Tarzan,
    Though Jane wasn’t really the draw.
    And I quite fancied life as a Spaceman
    With credits by young Patrick Moore.

    There were days when I starred as the Captain
    Of England teams, no matter which;
    I could ask Fred to field on the bound’ry
    Or tell Len to get off the pitch.

    But as usual me Mam had some questions
    That stopped me from dreaming – and how!
    “Doesn’t Jesus want you for a sunbeam?
    Can’t you make do with that just for now?”

  3. Hey, I’ve just realised that the quote #5 is also in Stanley Holloway timing. The Great She-Wolf carried a copy of it in her purse for years and may have it still as far as I know.


  4. christophertrier :

    Yes, what is sunshine? What is warmth? Much of the Midwest is recovering from another blizzard.

    Christopher, but soft! what light at yonder window breaks? It is Hurricane Juliet.

  5. A very hasty attempt, LW.

    The sun appeared one day last week. It really was a shock.
    The sky was blue, the garden called; it rained at three o’clock.
    Just in case it might appear, I rose next day at dawn.
    I should have guessed, the room was cold, and frost lay on the lawn.
    Grey skies and hail awaited me, but shivering a bit,
    I lit a fire, and made some soup, then settled down to knit.

    The woolly sweater’s finished now, and I regret to have to say,
    Should the sun refuse to shine, I’ll be wearing it in May!

  6. Sunshine

    Harsh lover
    are you warming someone else’s land
    And sucking moisture from the sand?
    with lizards gaping in the heat
    and lifting legs to cool their feet.

    Absent lover
    There’s a Tequila sunrise when you set
    and bodies sunsick, slick with sweat;
    swaying, dancing, heat skin-deep,
    dreaming sunlight when they sleep.

    Fickle lover
    leaving, teasing,
    warming, disappearing, freezing.
    constancy is not your style
    but, oh, please linger for a while!

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